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Amazon EFT - AI trader


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[Amazon EFT - AI trader]


-Supports Windows 10 / Windows 11 all versions supported.

-English menu.

-HWID Lock.

-Mandatory Secure boot in BIOS disabled.

Key Features: - You can automatically sell items to any merchant
- Detects errors when purchasing goods
- Uses human motion to avoid ban risk
- Completely external program, very secure
- Can reliably solve captchas
- Alternates between all items from your config
- Customize the items you want to buy and sell


The AI trader will purchase items at very low prices, checking at certain rate for updates, while selling to traders for a profit value !
This AI project is useful to make profits while you're away from the keyboard, working or sleeping. Let the AI make extra incomes while you're away !


Video ingame:


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