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  4. Rkviper


    @[email protected] @discord just like to say thank you for all the support,feedback we all started off on a bad note but it was my misunderstanding an never should of been on the site with out my dad. RK viperx1 old days of xbox kv RGH JASPER things has changed NOW PC your site is 100%. good people an understanding thank you guys katie b
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  6. sKp

    rust EZ

    Very nice video, also the Cheat looked sick aswell!
  7. Wow, looks pretty dope, it makes me want to buy it! lel
  8. sKp

    EFT Zero Review

    Hey Guys, This is my EFT Zero Cheat Review. So I bought the Zero Cheat for EFT for 1 Week and I have to say, I was happy with it! I used the Zero cheat along with the QC Spoofer and the SKY Spoofer and with both it worked perfectly. After 1 Week I'm still not banned. Welp the features are kinda buggy. The Aimbot is not perfectly on point. When I set in on Head its like on the Neck to Chest, when I set it on Neck it was on Chest and if I set it on Chest it was on Stomach and lower body. Some visuals didn't worked aswell, like Bots and players where all shown as Bots, healthbar didn't showed health and Names also didn't showed. For me, its not a big problem those bugs. I'm happy if I know where are Players and NPC's are and the AImbot does his job too. But maybe some other players care more about this. Would buy it more often if it wasn't that expensive, but I can understand it. All in one I was happy with it. A solid 8/10 for this Cheat! Greetings, sKp 😉
  9. Honestly I love using Azur for CoD Warzone / Multiplayer. It's super accurate on Esp and doesn't hinder pc performance much if any at all. Aimbot works great with a little bit of fine tune in the settings in game, and it takes a little bit to tune it just to get it where you like but deff worth it! Also the setup process is a bit involved but if you follow the cheat manual is fairly straightforward. It took me maybe 10 - 15 min to fully setup and have running. It also tells you how much time you have remaining in the loader which in 24/hr format which is super sweet. Honestly give it a try and you won't regret it!
  10. magma


  12. This cheat is amazing never have had a problem with the cheat although I have had issues with Sky Cheats and their customer service side of things this isn't about them. the cheat is smooth easy to set up and have been using it since maybe mid beta and still no detection or even being called out. if you use it wisely and pretty much only pop off when no one on your team is dead its very easy not to get called out. This is the only cheat for valorant i have used and dont think i need to even try out the other options since it is exactly what im looking for. only complaint is walls not being static throughout but its not the cheats fault its the games programming that wont allow that but even then still amazing!
  13. Well, i started using the AZUR Cheat. At first it was pretty hard to understand even with the manual. but the cheat is working greatly. on the down side, on warzone there are so many people therefore the esp is driving you nuts. plus side: 1. Aimbot working correctly 2. Aimkey set is easy and working aswell 3. ESP is accurate on the location as well as the meters 4. Hitboxes are set really good and you can play with it in a great way.
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  15. fayer


    Been using spark for two days now i would have to say everything works great and my favorite feature would have to be courpses. my least favorite thing about spark is sometime its hard to hit a moving target as it gett jummpy
  16. Spark AIMBOT: 8/10 No Recoil is working great only downside of the Aimbot is that there is no Bullet Prediction so it can be hard to hit running Targets.You can choose different Hit Boxes Head / Chest / Waist ESP: 8/10 Item ESP is good you can choose the distance you want the items to be displayed , also you can choose which Items you want to get Displayed like Weapons / Medic Stuff / Tech Stuff and so on Player ESP i wish i could have different colors for Scavs and PMC´s but other than that it gets the job done and is working good MISC: 9/10 NoHunger , Infnite Energy , No Breath and No Fatigue work realy well and are very strong ! maybe you should not overuse it but works very good Zero AIMBOT: 8/10 Aimbot works same as in Spark its good but moving targets can be realy hard to hit ESP: 9/10 I love the ESP of Zero you can choose different colors for Scavs and Players also you can choose High Grade Items to get Displayed which i personaly Love, Crisp clean ESP in my opinion MISC: 8/10 NoRecoil is insane strong you can drive by 1 shot everyone you want 😄 TLDR; both are very good but i like the UI of Zero more it feels more comfy for me and also that ESP ❤️

    Valorant Omega

    I took a leap of faith and purchase a omega daypass to try out the paid version of hacks for Valorant. Must i say, the esp despite being a little laggy, was on point. Needless to say, the aimbot was one of the best feature and there was absolutely no chance for the enemy to fight back/peek out of a tight spot without getting killed. 100% satisfied and would purchase another one soon.
  18. Axiass

    R6 Aurora

    This cheat was very simple to use and very hard to detect. i recommend it very much, have bought it about 5 times now 🙂
  19. Desync is good. There security when its up to date is 10/10. Ive used it for awhile and I am sad that it is down rn. The menu is easy to setup and what I really liked about desync is the fact that they compensate time when its down or when its updating. The aimbot was good but not the best. IF you would set it for head it would aim 1 inch above and you really cannot hit them. Except that it was good so I had to set it up to neck.
  20. WayneW

    Call of Duty Dash

    Dash has multiple option on the cheat the aimbot is 8/10 is really good the vischeck works and doesnt aim at everyone the walls are 5/10 they sometimes fail to update but they still work well worth the price overall 8/10 im going to buy a second day today!
  21. hello everyone i'm a streamer and i'v been trying to look at new hacks for EFT. and here are my reviews on the hacks available on sky cheats. first : spark spark is a great cheat for something fast and cheap. i didn't get banned after using it full rage mode. (applied all the settings) would rate 6/10. the problems with it is the aimbot is't accurate. not much customization, and sometimes it takes time to load in the game. and scavs or people spawning before you don't show up immediately second : Zero in the beginning i got Zero after the update. it was almost like spark, however they updated it couple days later and boom best cheat ever tried for it's price. you have 2 settings, 1 for calm and you can stream with it. and 2 is rage mode where you can apply everything. this one is what i would recommend if you want something better. problems, once every 5 raids it will stop working. you can restart the game or if you finish and go to another game it works. sometimes the aimbot isn't accurate but it's still better than spark. ask if you have any questions thank you
  22. Honestly one of the safest providers I have had the pleasure of being a customer for. Cheat works well, never had any issues technical wise. Aimbot is great, no complaints other then it not being the best at SUPER long range (300M) or SUPER close range (Less then 5m) ESP works well, its ESP, no complaints. Security wise, fantastic, Army has always had a focus on security and this is their best feature over everything else.
  23. maximomalo

    ARES review

    I love this cheat. One of the best cheat ive used in Rust. THere is ESP. Loot esp stash esp and even more. The aimbot is so good and I barely miss. I would suggest silent aim for bows but thats it. I give this cheat a solid 9/10. Ive also used that cheat for a week now and still no ban which I am really happy.
  24. Adamskixxd

    rust EZ

    will i get banned using those rust cheats?
  25. I've used this a couple times now and its super easy to use and never fails me. I've found that making your aimbot circle smaller and setting it to your right mouse button and head as the target, will win 99% of your gunfights. Be careful when going on a rain close to daylight or dusk at high graphics. I think it takes a few mins for it to start tracing players and aimbot in those situations. But never the less, it still works. Great way to up your money quick and get through the harder quests.
  26. Aria


    [Ares] Information: -Supports Windows 10 (1903-1909). -HWID lock -External -Can only be used in game Window mode. Key Features: Enemy ESP (Box), Enemy info (Health bars,name, distance), Aimbot with prediction, aim distance, smooth & fov configurable, aim key selector, Resources ESP (Ores, stashes, crates, etc), No recoil mod, recoil compensator mod, Spiderman mod. MENU LOOK INGAME: Video ingame: Screenshots ingame:
  27. Aria


    Version 0708


  28. Aria


    [Ocean] Information: -Supports Windows 10 (1809-1903-1909-2004). -English menu. -HWID Lock. Key Features: Player ESP, Player information ESP (Name, Health bars,distance), Item ESP with filters,Very Accurate Aimbot, Bullet track (effective in short and mid distances),aim key configurable, aim bone configurable, visible checks, Recoil compensator(works with aimbot only not bullettrack), enemy warning alerts, super jump mode (no fall damage when activated) MENU LOOK INGAME: Screenshots ingame:
  29. Shoottv

    EFT spark

    WORKS AMAZINGLY sometimes u fell bad but then once in a while u see someone else doing the same thing looking at each other crouching past the wall
  30. Hello so I now have been using this for a few days, swapping over from omega for a number of reasons I can explain but will not for now. I have been using the aimbot when no one is spectating me and just the ESP itself is super overpowered and you can normally land easy head shots without the aimbot, I will continue to buy this and I think its the best out of all the valorant cheats (currently)
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