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      • Been using this for a while now and have not been disappointed at all. Easy to set up an easy control and reasonably priced to boot. It is easily concealable as I don't use the aimbot only the esp and only up to 200m sometimes 300 so people won't think that your hacking at all just good at the game Highly recommended product if you are planning to try to cheat...just don't be too blatant about it and you would be fine PS to the devs: could you update zeta first when you guys do an update please wink* wink* 
      • Great and subtle to use cheese that is easy to use and set up. read the instructions before and download your drivers and Visual C to make sure it works. I like how it can run off of a usb and disconnect before booting into r6. I mainly used the esp and not the aimbot as that has a higher risk of getting banana'd but i did use it a little bit and turned up smoothing and fov down to not look sus. I would recommend going in T hunt to explore the cheese before going into a live match. Take your time and set it up right so you dont get reported. After using the week key i have zero complaints and would highly recommend if you have the money as this is worth it compared to others cheeses that will get you banned. 
      • You can never find nothing like this. Their support is one of the best in the market. From premium tools down to premium support, you have it. You can never go wrong with them!  
      • I have purchased Oracle i think 6 times now. I love it! if you don't rage with it you will wont get banned just like with any cheese, but for the price and the features that it comes with is unmatchable to any others out there at this point. The menu setup is very easy to maneuver and easy to understand. If you have been waiting, and thinking about purchasing this cheese, i'd say go for it. You wont regret it!
      • Originally stumbled upon the cheat while looking around on other sites. I compared multiple prices points to the quality of the menu and.amount of time you get and was greatly impressed with this menu over others. You get everything you would expect from a rust menu for a great price and a spoofer included which is very helpful. I have yet to encounter a bug while using this menu too. Updates can range from very quick to a few days. Overall this is my favorite menu for the simplicity and low price point. 10/10
      • SKY Cheats the safest and easiest way to use. The HACK menus and features are very complete and explicit, everyone can have fun, considering that it is the best without problems. A great team and support and support, if you join the Discord server and call one of the staff members, he will answer you at any time and will help you with a lot of love and patience. Go on, good luck! 💪
      • This is my second time buying Oracle for eft and i dont regret it whatsoever. The esp has so many options even allowing you to see whats inside crates and people and it even tells you how much those things are worth. I was able to get THREE!!!! labs keycards off of scavs because the hack told me that they had it and it was worth hundreds of thousands of rubles. And the aimbot is amazing you dont even have to aim you can just press fire and boom just like that a headshot and they are dead. so yeah 10/10 WILL buy again and tell my friends.
      • Maria loader look simple but effective. The snipping prediction is the best thing to have in the loader. It calculates the distance in a legit way. Aimbot, wallhack and esp are also great. Esp kinda hard to look so maybe the dev need to work on that a little bit more. Overall, it is a good cheat
      • Acro is Skycheats newest Hwid Spoofer. Sky cheats is always working on new things to keep us up to date so we can continue to use cheese. This spoofer is good for both EAC and Battle eye. I use it for Apex Legends which is actually very hard to find a spoofer right now that works for them! You can also use this for games like Arma as well. Very easy to use. Any questions there is a manual with instructions. Thanks!
      • Love the services help out a lot:)
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