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    • 1st time use chess very good quality and very friendly and helpful staff they have. 
    • I've been using SkyCheats for over a year now and I can say confidently that SkyCheats is the #1 website to buy from. I've used many services like CW-Zeta or MW-Zeta and Apex Legends-Captain the best part is as you continue using their services you can acquire discount promos as you rank up in their ranking system. I've tried other websites as well and none can beat SkyCheats. Plus their customer service staff are amazing. Straight to the point and helped with every problem I had. 10/10 would recommend 
    • I'm using Apex cheetos since 2019 and I've never had any problems, SkyCheats is the only website where you can find good quality cheettos, the administrators are super professional and friendly, they always have a solution to any problem you have, if you open a ticket the moderators or administrators answer super fast. If you are looking for a cheettoss then you came to the right place.
    • This tool is AMAZING. I will def beback to buy it again someday. Yes, these cheats they work great and you get what you pay for. I have literally no complaints. Superhappy customer right now! Thanks to the guys here at sky cheats that make it happen. My key the instructions and every happened INSTANTLY with my purchase. 
    • I've only recently come across skycheats, but i havent had a bad experince to date. I have bought 2 different menus for 2 different games, both apex and fortnite. I was very pleased with the apex menu, but i didnt appease to the warning and therefore was hwid banned. The Fortnite Menu was good but not what was promised, when buying the menu it showed 4 pages of hacks, but when i actually bought the menu and got it going, only 2 pages were available, i would like it if they updated that so customers wouldn't be misled by false advertisement. The menu in which i am refering is the "Dope Menu" aimbot is spot on, esp works amazingly but sadly doesnt always work. i tend to find it a bit overpriced at times, 16$ for a day is a bit much for simple aimbot and esp, i find 10$/day for something like that would be more reasonable. I understand buying the week or month keys are cheaper, but i'm an adult that doesnt get much game time so i only am able to play 1 day here and there.  Other than that the menus are great and work with out fail, i recommend these menus to anyone who wants to have fun!
    • Ok to start things off I’ve played Tarkov legit for a long time so I have a good understanding of where things are on most maps how to do a lot of the quests etc etc. Now with that basic knowledge of the game added with Deneva I feel like I’m Landmark and I’m not even raging. I stream my game while playing with my buddies in discord and they forget that I’m using the cheats lol it looks so legit if you aren’t just one tapping everything and anything. The menu is super easy to setup if I want loot I just set up the sliders to like 50k so all the garbage doesn’t popup and if I see any ledx or gpus etc I’m hauling ass with the unlimited Stam feature! You can also show player names so if you see TTV in their name I just avoid them all together to stay under the radar. My buddy has been using the cheats for 2 weeks up until this point so I decided to hope on last week and let me tell you I’ve had an absolute blast! Quests are melting away bosses like killa and sturman are no match. Also if you like to troll a little bit like me my buddy and I both set our aimbot to legs and black out peoples legs and lure scavs over to them so they die to scavs and we don’t get reported I was on the floor laughing. Needless to say I’m enjoying every minute of being a tarkov Deneva Chad. Well worth the money (1 month is what I got)
    • I'm honestly surprised that I'm not banned given the amount of times I've been banned using another sites cheats. Very nice to see and worth the pay. I've been freely using all the options without penalty except the ones marked "risky".  The only thing I wish the cheat had was a way to manually add items to the filter (like items that are cheap on the flea) so that you can find your quest items and still have your filter for the items you want to sell on the flea.     
    • Simply the best! Have been using EFT Deneva for 2 weeks now and it’s incredible. Easy to loot for money, and especially easy to get your task done! I wasn’t sure where certain items were on the map, Deneva is the fix for that. Wasn’t sure where certain extract points were at. Just enabled them, and Deneva is the fix for that. A MUST HAVE!
    • Hi !  hello, yesterday i bought a zicron and i'm very happy with it. Everything works very well, it is already my dozen or so purchase on SKY cheats, and I recommend it to everyone. In addition, a very simple installation based on the same pattern of operation. 9/10 !!!
    • Amazing menu everything I can think of regarding escape from tarkov is in this menu. loved it since I layed eyes on the name . I had to try and I love it .  I'm speechless. thank you guys for your amazing services,  amazing customer support on Discord & the Website.
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