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    • I utilized the Cycle cheats for a full day until it expired with no ban, I play genuine and am still undetectable. Although there are some oddities with the features, aimbot does function as it should. However, the loot container's esp only fully discloses what is within by displaying the item that appears in the container's initial slot. The player esp is perfect, but I'd at least like to have the choice to disable the creature esp because it's pointless to watch animals that are neutral, have no effects, and are only there to preserve the habitat. And sure, there were a few sporadic crashes that would shut off the game immediately and over which I had no influence.
    • since Eden has been under maintenance, I was using Maria for substitute, Maria does it's job okay, but colt just came in. Man, I highly recommend this cheat if you want a simple, intuitive hack that works without any frame drops, this is the one you want. ESP colours stand out in bright red so your enemies are very visible and easy to see thru. trust me, you would not regret it if you  get one. 
    • I bought the Cycle Frontier Silver the other day and it was very easy to set up. When I loaded into the game it is just one key you need to press and the cheats load up. I have used this product a few times on different occasions and have never been banned or warned. It works great and I will definitely be using it again in the future, solid 10/10 I would recommend. 
    • First time ever using something like this, seemed a little sketchy not gonna lie. Their lead support guy helped me do everything, super grateful. HIGHLY RECCOMEND!!  
    • I bought Deneva EFT played with it for a whole week without any problem. Still playing didn't got banned. The GUI is smooth and easy to use. When starting a game putting max range on ESP distance to check where other players are and afterwards dropping it to a lower distance in my vicinity to kill them. Used aimbot a lot didn't have any problem with it loved the way it worked, If a player or bot was running didn't always get a kill which reduced the chance to get a ban. Had also a option for Wall-looting but didn't really understand how it worked, that part I haven't used yet
    • I used the Cycle cheats for a full day until it expired and no ban, I play legit and still undetected. Although there are some quirks in the features yes aimbot works as it should but the esp on loot containers it doesn't fully tell you what's inside them it shows the first thing that shows in the first slot of the container. The player esp everything is fine but I would at least like to have a option to turn off creature esp since it's unnecessary to see the animals that are neutral and don't have any effect and are only for the environment. And yes there were some random crashes that would just close down the game instantly that I had no control over I listen to what the instructions said and still had problems but apart from that I would recommend
    • Really helped with looting and helped me avoid PvP engagements, and win them when I had them.  You could use it to farm out the lobby but expect to get your account flagged if you do.  The support I received on it was great when I had a difficult time with my windows version.  100% would use again if it was available. 
    • Hyper is totally secured but you cant be running through the whole map killing people from 50 miles aways with aimbot thinking because its said Hyper is secured , BSG  cant ban you. Thats less smartness. You cant be 100s of miles away tapping and knocking people with headshots. yall be smart! when a player is reported, BSG gets the particular game files so they can review the replay just like spectating a match. if the system itself couldnt catch you, human review will catch you. Hyper is 100% safer than others , you guys just abuse hacks cause you aint smart enough. SKY cheat is the best ever .
    • At first, I was unsure whether its fake or not but l went for it and surprisingly this is pretty legit. The instructions to setting up were pretty easy to follow, and I had no issues. While in-game, I love how organized the cheats are and has all the stuff you need when playing. Especially, its undetected so you won't get caught, however, just try not to abuse it too much or else others will noticed it. I had an issue the other day that it wouldn't accept my payment, but luckily their support were able to help me immediately. Having a fast response from supports rather than wait for hours to reply is amazing so keep it up. Overall, both my friends and I had a lot fun, I highly recommend others to try it out. If I can have this much fun so can you.
    • everything ive bought so far has worked perfectly, except once and I immeadiately got the support I needed and they were so nice and even gave me some sky points. The manuals are easy to understand and ive never gotten banned so far. 
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