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    Have you played Apex Legends yet? If you have not, then you are missing out on one of the best gaming experiences this century can offer. Apex Legends is an amazing game that has had a surge in recent years. Over a 70 million players have logged in and played the game. The numbers don’t lie and that is exactly why you need to play the game. If you are already playing the game, we can authoritatively claim that you are finding it very difficult to win. Battle Royal-styled games are quite difficult to win. 

    What if we tell you that there are Apex legends hacks that can make your gaming experience an out of earth experience? Well, that is exactly what we are telling you in this article. 


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  • About Apex Legends Hacks: Features and Basic Function

    Apex Legends game playing is difficult and very competitive. You are going to be going against millions of players most of them of who have been playing these types of games for years. This means that the playing field is very uneven. Skycheats Apex legends cheats can make the playing field even and, in some instances, quite in your favor. Which Apex legends hacks should you use? Well, we are going to give you six.


    • The No Recoil Hack 

    One thing that you might take lightly is recoil. One thing that you might not know though is that recoil is responsible for most LIFE drains in the game. When you shoot and your gun recoils, you are going to need to refocus and reposition to be able to shoot again. This phase allows Pros to shoot you and even kill you. The NoRecoil hack ensures that your guns will not have recoil. Imagine shooting an enemy and not having to refocus and re-aim. That is a dream feature, right? Well, this hack makes it a reality. You will not have to worry about recoil ever again if you sign up for this hack from Skycheats. Are you ready to set, the Apex Legends are on fire? If you are, get the NoRecoil hack today!


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    • No Smoke and No Fog Hack 

    One of the most renowned reasons why Apex Legends has gained notoriety status in the gaming scene is because it has a certain level of attention to detail that you will not get from any other game. Players in the game can use fog and smoke to distract enemies. This means your vision is obscured and you get a chance to take shots without accurate responses. It can be quite amazing when using it on your enemies. On the flip side, it is quite annoying.

    With the No Smoke No Fog hack, smoke and fog are the last things that you have to worry about. This Apex legends cheats ensures that regardless of how many times the feature is used it will not obstruct your vision. You will still be able to see clearly. The best part is your enemies will not know that you are using a hack. If you do this it means you have a better chance of catching your enemies off guard and easily clearing them out of the game. In Apex Legends, vision is everything and you cannot risk losing it for a second. If you use this hack, losing your vision is the last thing that you will have to worry about.


    • No Spread Hack (a.k.a No-Recoil Hack)

     If you fire multiple bullets consecutively, the bullets are bound to sway and spread. This means that most of the bullets will not hit the target that’s a waste, right? Well, the team at Skycheats decided to do something about it. The players have created a hack that allows you to shoot multiple bullets in a straight line. This means that if the enemy you are fighting requires five bullets to face its demise, you can shoot five consecutive times with all the bullets hitting the target.  Talk about in-game convenience. You do not have to worry about spread wasting your bullets at all.


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  • Apex legends Aimbot

    Still, on the Target part of hacks, one thing that might excite your fancy is the Aimbot. This Apex legends cheats allows you to shoot without having to worry about missing. The hack locks in your target. You have to do is press the shoot command. This means you won’t have to lose bullets or your life points.

    Are you one of those lousy shooters who’s always getting knocked out early in the game even when you have better vantage point? Well, perhaps the Apex Legends aimbot might be what you need to up your game. Our Apex Legends Aimbot is made based on our Warzone Cheats which uses both silent aim and accurate normal aiming option. It refines the player’s aim hence instantly beefing up your performance in the game. However, it is also the most cause of bans by the anti-hack team. The bot gives you access to several performance features such as instant kills, enemy-movement prediction, finer Aimpoint, visibility & penetration checks, smart-target selection, as well as precise aim angle and distance statistics.


    Instant Kill (Rage Feature)

    This is a premium hack. If you have this hack there is no way you are going to lose. There is absolutely no way you are going to lose. The instant kill bit does exactly what the name suggests. This means that you can KO your enemies out with one blow. The best part about the hack is that it works on all enemy classes. There is no classism when it comes to Skycheats destruction. The cheat is easy to use and you can easily integrate it into your game. If you are losing on Apex Legends then this hack will solve all your problems.


    Is There Any Safe Apex Legends Hacks?

    Apex Legends is one of the best games available out there. With these Apex legends cheats, you are more or less invincible in the game and this is one thing you could want in a Battle Royal game. Sign up at Skycheats today and get access to latest and the safest Apex legends cheats and hacks to take your game to the next level. Enjoy!

  • Device Requirements to Use the Apex Legends Hacks

    Most of the Apex Legends cheats and hacks out there are designed for PC use. It’s not an oversight really, just a matter of demand and hacking ease. Cheats for other devices like PS and Xbox are much more difficult to come by. However, some users have found a workaround for this by using a certain special device called the Xim Apex. The device can be bought easily on Amazon and players can visit the Xim Apex forum for more details on how to use the device on their PS or Xbox devices. While I can’t personally vouch for its effectiveness and ability to deter bans from the EA anti-hack team, some users seem quite happy with it.


    APEX legends ESP hacks


    How to Avoid Ban from Using APEX Legends Cheats?

    So, getting all these cheats seems to be a rite of passage for most gamers, right? Especially after receiving a thorough beating from your opponents and looking for a significant advantage in the next face-off. However, all these Apex Legends cheats and hacks come with a price. The EA fraud unit is always on the lookout for these cheats and hacks. Statistics indicate that aimbot are more often caught out and the users banned however, cham-hacks are much more conspicuous and often go unnoticed.

    Of course, this doesn't stop people from using the cheats and hacks. In fact, Apex Legends is reported to be one of the most hacked multi-player game that was ever made. Respawn has caught up with almost a million users and banned their accounts for using Apex Legends cheats, thanks to their vigilant team; the EA Fraud-Unit. It’s safe to conclude that the decision to use these cheats lies with each gamer. If you decide not to indulge, be ready to be thoroughly whopped by those using the cheats and hacks. If you decide to indulge, also be ready to face the wrath of the EA Fraud Unit.

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