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    • Been using Line for HLL for quite some time. No issues, runs really well and provides quite an advantage. The best part is the notification when admin is spectating you, or even near you. Very useful on community severs. Could perhaps make this text bigger to really stand out, as it is currently very small and easily missed. The one thing I do find it lacking is ESP for Garrisons and Outposts. Otherwise it has it all! I would strongly recommend this to anyone. Giving it a strong 9 out of 10!
    • I used Arcane Apex, and not gonna lie, it was alright. I've definitely used better Apex cheats, but for its price, I’d say Arcane is worth it if you want to look legit. The aimbot is just subtle enough to give you an edge, but not so blatant that you'd get called out. I'm not really much of an Apex player, so I opted to use the rage aimbot on near-max settings. However, the legit aimbot is kind of like controller aim assist on mouse and keyboard. I didn’t get banned during my time using it and managed to kill a few streamers. None of the streamers called me out, even though I was using some pretty high aimbot settings. So if you use the legit mode, I have no doubt you will fly under the radar as just a good player. It also has a bhop feature, which works really well when coupled with the character Octane. I’d rate it a solid 4/5.
    • super easy to use and it could not be more simple had it all set up within 10 mins would really recommend.
    • I used Mechanic for one day and immediately bought it for a month. It’s honestly a great cheat and elevated my game to the next level. My only issue is that its aimbot isn't great with planes, but it works perfectly with tanks and ships. I frequently found myself getting easy eliminations and tracking people through buildings thanks to its ESP. It's also highly customizable and a great choice overall. Although I haven't used the other War Thunder cheats this site offers, based on videos and screenshots, I believe Mechanic is probably the best. However, since Mechanic is the only one I've used, I recommend trying the others yourself to determine which one is best for you.
    • I tried Valorant Lux while Zero was down. While my main choice is still Valorant Zero, Lux is still a great option because of one feature that Zero doesn't have: flick aimbot. Flick aimbot works flawlessly, making Lux stand out from Zero. Even though Zero remains my top choice because it has bhop and Lux doesn’t, Lux still offers great aimbot and excellent ESP. I’ve only used it for about a day, but during that time, I wasn’t accused of hacking once. I would still choose Zero over Lux mainly because I am more familiar with it and know which settings to use. With the right settings, Lux can elevate your game and make you a top-tier player while still appearing legitimate.
    • I used Valorant Zero this for only a day, so my opinion might be a bit skewed, but I must say, this is a great cheat. I used the aimbot only, without ESP, and didn't get accused of hacking a single time, even though I consistently dropped 30+ kill games. I was frequently called a smurf and told I should be in a higher rank, but no one ever accused me of hacking. I didn’t get banned and am still not banned. I only bought a one-day key to test it out and see how good it is, but I will definitely be buying a monthly key because this works perfectly. Five stars.
    • I have made technical support tickets on sky cheats discord server and I must say I am very happy and impressed by this company and how they continue to show me how much they really value and appreciate me as a customer so I’m sure all other customers get the same customer appreciation I do. They always get straight to the point of fixing any problem I have and they explore all options until the problem is resolved. Big shout out to @RagnarLothbrok and @ngenge0807 these guys always spend as much time as needed to help me resolve any technical issue I have experienced. You guys always work hard to help me and I’m grateful. Awesome work! I really appreciate how this company never fails to value me as a customer to the point where I feel like we are friends. I really appreciate all members of this company. 💯
    • Using SkyCheats for quite a while now. I have usually stuck to another application but decided to give this a shot since it offered a daily usage and supported wider variety of Windows releases. The application itself is pretty simple, loads a launcher, connects to validate your account and download most recent files to inject. Instructions were clear and covered all troubleshooting options so no need to create a ticket or wait for an activation key. Likes: Easy to use Larger OS patch support Easy Menu Cheap daily usage, great for knocking out a manhunt or something.   Dislikes: No Magnetic Items No Magic Bullet No Rapid Fire Mod No Auto Fire Mod Menu seems to always crash when cycling through the display No ability I saw to turn off the menu so it's constantly up on the screen after you activate it.   Overall, this is a great entry level price and program to see and experience what some of the more expensive ones can do and how they work. I think it fits the bill perfectly and would make anyone happy to use and enjoy. With all the programs I really wish they had xinput support by defaults. I ended up having to grab a really old version of Xpadder and remap my controller input to be able to play and use the program. Other than that, love the programs and haven't hit a ban in the year plus i've been here using these apps. Thanks!
    • Sky Cheats is probably the best place to get brilliant experiance hax for a couple reasons. Their Support is absolutely the best support I've had the pleasure of experiencing. Within 24 hours at all they were able to trouble fix a problem I was having. Their Cheats are also top tier, with them helping me go from a chopper to a diamond in a short amount of time. I've tried other cheat services but I'd still say that they are the best because of their amazing Support. it sure i'am extremely satisfied with the services they have provided me, as well as the fast support. Any time i had/have an issue or need anything they are pretty quick to respond. Love the community too, we are always helping each other and linking up having a good time, which it is also nice to come to a place where everyone is chill and looking to have fun. If you are looking for a place where you can get projects and have a chill community this is it, dont take just my word for it though definitely go check out other reviews and see what they have to say as well!
    • I highly recommend, the best on the market, I have been with Skye for more than 1 year and no problem, they are always waiting for the best service.😊
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