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  • Beginning of Valorant Cheat in The Market

    Every gamer is well aware of the new buzz in town; Valorant. With only a few days in the mix, the game has already attracted hordes of beta testers, and hackers too! It seems everyone is eager to lay hands on it in all forms, which is unsurprising considering how Riot Games have been rallying up support for their latest project and bragging about its hack-proof software design too! From the looks of things so far, I daresay they may have bragged a little too soon.

    So far, Valorant has opened up the space for testing the game live and its definitely taking on well. Already, a bunch of the popular video gamers and streamers like Shroud have joined in the fun to get a taste.


    Any Valorant hacks yet?

    This is naturally the first query when summing up any of these role-playing games perhaps with the intention to join the fun. It’s a well-known fact that these shooter games don’t fare so well with hackers. The hackers, on the other hand, also seem to find joy in invading these FPS games. It’s a pretty common problem really, even the likes of Fortnite have been through it. Furthermore, we also offer high quality of warzone hacks too. If you have any intersts, please check that page too!

    It, therefore, comes as no surprise that there's already a case of Valorant cheats out there. In less than a week of the start of the massive testing phase, only two days actually, one player posted about an encounter in the game. The player, a popular Call of Duty pro, took to Twitter (username @phantasyftw) to complain about interference from one bold hacker who found a backdoor onto the map.

    The hacker decided that he (or she) would like to join Phantasy’s team where he clearly had a blast, running all over and interfering with the player’s game, apparently using wallhacks and aim hacks which suggest some form of Valorant aimbot. Phantasy had this to say;

     "Well it didn't take long, this guy's just walking around full on aimlocking dropping big bombs @Slasher”


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    While reports suggest that there seem to be several such odd incidences, this case is the only one so far. One thing for sure is that the developer wasn’t expecting these problems so soon after the game’s release to the public.

    A member of Riot's anti-fraud experts' team, Paul Chamberlain, who is actually the team's boss, was quick to respond to the report of the hacker. In a twitter post, he confirmed that his team had hoped to postpone such worries to a later date. The hacker was quickly banned and Paul promised that more bans are on the way for any player who makes use of any Valorant hacks. He had this to say;

    “Well it sucks, but today we had to ban our first cheater (and it looks like more bans are on the horizon). I was hoping for a little more time before this fight kicked off but we’re in it now and we’re ready.”

    It seems the team has failed to deliver on its promise to fix the valorant wallhack issue. Of course, they will probably handle it soon enough but, initially, Riot had promised to put an end to it at the launch of the game. These Valorant cheats tend to give players unfair advantages, making the whole playing field uneven, and I mean this almost literally! Such disadvantages can easily deter new players and affect the repute of the game in the long run. Riot, however, still has a good chance to rectify this and players seem eager to try it out despite these hiccups. Let's hope the interest lasts!


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    Valorant’s line of defence

    To protect its players and ensure a fair game, Valorant offers built-in fog-of-war systems that aim to bypass data often deployed by hackers with the sole intention being to activate wallhacks. An image-rendering engine has been incorporated with the system so that players cannot see multiple locations at any given instance.

    To beef up the fog-of-war system, Riot also came up with the Vanguard system. This new anti-fraud system is exactly why the anti-fraud team seemed confident that their game was beyond reproach. The Vanguard tool or system is designed to pick up any activity discrepancies and immediately boot out the player.

    This means that Valorant cheats can now be banned. It, however, technically means that Valorant is still susceptible to hacks despite the game being theoretically capable of preventing wallhacks. Thankfully, it also means that those that perpetrate a Valorant wallhack can be kicked out pronto. Also, in anticipation of all these issues, Riot Games already had an anti-fraud team in place by the time of its launch. Members of the team have also been very willing so far to engage players on various platforms such as the in-game report option (the most effective way to contact them) or even on social media like twitter.


    Any other Issues?

    Sadly, the Valorant wallhacks are not the only issues that the developers have to deal with. It seems as if Valorant also has a bug issue at the moment. In the two days since its release, one player noted with dismay that if a team member disconnects, he or she rejoins the game as part of the enemy team! Now, that’s what I call a pickle indeed! This mix-up automatically creates an unfair scenario of 4 players against 6, a fight whose end is very much predictable.

    Such a critical bug is problematic for Valorant considering that Riot was counting on the game to top esports charts in no time at all. Disconnections are inevitable since they are out of the control of the developer and they will definitely happen at some point. As such, being condemned automatically on disconnection to join the enemy’s team is a real bummer that can easily affect and reduce Valorant’s fan base.

    So far, Riot has been mum about the bug, leaving players to speculate. One opinion that seems to make some sense came from a Reddit user who suggested that if the player disconnected while he was on the offensive side, then perhaps the game considered him to be still on the offensive team despite his original team having switched sides by the time he reconnected.

    One of the developers, Matt Paoletti, responded to queries on Twitter via his handle, @mjpaol. He promised to attend to any fraud-related queries on whatever platform considering the infancy of the game. This, at least, is a bit re-assuring but it remains that some of the issues with Valorant may not necessarily be fraud-related yet players still need solutions.


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    Who can use Valorant cheats?

    So far, the game seems to be enjoying special-regions access. Not at all common at this testing stage. Riot has already confirmed their intentions to make the game accessible to everyone in any part of the continent so we certainly can look forward to that.


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    Winding Up! Valorant Hacks!

    Lest we forget the allure of the game, let’s just wind up our early evaluation of the game, cheats, and hacks with a quick overview of some of the unique features that make it such a welcome addition to FPS games and a worthwhile competitor for existing giants like Fortnite.

    Below lists are distinct characteristics for Valorant.

    • Impressive 128 tick rate servers that operate at 30 frames per second minimum, even with the low-spec computers.
    • >35ms latency server-connections.
    • A beefy anti-fraud system (despite the surfacing one or two flaws).
    • Economic approach e.g. monetary rewards for kills and losses when you fail to make it as well as the ability to use your currency to buy items such as weapons and shields.
    • Skilful gameplay: The game cannot be conquered by a stroke of luck or random play. It takes strategy and great teamwork which makes it a thrilling adventure worth the effort.
    • A ranking system: Valorant gives players a chance to rank up as they gain more skills; From Mercenary to Soldier to Veteran to Heroto Legend to Mythic to Immortal and, finally, Valorant.
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