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  • Hyper Scape Hacks in 2020, an Early Review about Hyper Scape Cheats with Aimbot and ESP

    Ubisoft has dropped another awesome Shooter Battle release for gamers and we are all excited to try it out right away! Unlike the rest of the shooter game on the market, Hyper scape comes with an awesome twist, Twitch manipulation by viewers! It’s also pretty device-friendly, enabling players to access the game from their Microsoft Windows, Xbox 1, and PS 4 devices.



    Quick Overview for Hyper Scape Hacks

    From its very launch, the unique twist to the game regarding Twitch users has made it a pretty attractive alternative to the existing shooter games. Ubisoft has also decided to diverge from the usual grassy landscape of the countryside or natural landscapes and has instead gone for an urban set-up with all the city mess of pedestrians, buildings, and vehicles. The landscape itself is very reminiscent of Paris at a closer glance, and the developers have incorporated the dizzying heights of the landscape as a key feature of the battles.

    Another surprise to expect here is the divergence from the looting practice that we have all grown used to in previous releases. Here, you will have to contend with a minimalistic approach to your survival; only 2 weapons at a time! However, you'll also be permitted to equip yourself with two ability slots that enhance your performance, very much like a ‘legal’ hacks. 


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    Hyper scape day keys.jpg


    Any Cool Features in Hyper Scape Cheats?

    Ubisoft has made this new release interesting by introducing a few unique features that gamers are probably going to find interesting or, at the very least, unique. To start with, weapons have been designed to improve with each new find so there is indeed an element of weaponry upgrades the more you play. This means that the two-weapons-only limitation has been somewhat countered by ensuring that those two can be seriously enhanced to have some massive firepower.

    Another cool feature worth noting is the ‘Ball Hacks’. Now, this one is being marketed as one of the 2 possible and ‘legal’ Hyper Scape hacks. However, if you think about it, is it really a hacks and everyone has access to it? Anyway, this feature gives the player a pretty amazing survival chance as it whisks you out of any tough spot unscathed by, you guessed it, turning you into a massive ball that quickly bounces away!

    Enticed yet? Ubisoft added one ore unique twist to the game by allowing dead players to linger in the game and continue to participate as ghosts! Now, how amazing is that!? Once you die, you get to resurrect with a little help from your teammates, then act as a scout who spots oncoming threats and warns his/her teammates.


    Hyper Scape Hacks image


    Hyper Scape Hacks not to be Missed!

    Here comes the most interesting part of the game. The Hyper Scape hacks enhance the game in a pretty significant way that will improve your survival odds. Of course, some critics have pointed out that they make the game a bit more complex but as far as we can see they only make it an even more exciting challenge. Let’s take a quick look at some of the amazing Hyper Scape cheats not to be missed.

    • The Armour Hacks

    If the fire gets too intense, this Hyper Scape hacks got you covered. It allows you to take fire without suffering damage… for a while. The downside, however, is that you also won’t be able to use your weapons so it’s mostly just good for a brief enemy distraction or if you’re being hero sacrificing yourself so that your mates can escape.

    • The Escape ‘Ball’

    As mentioned earlier, this cool feature will get you out of trouble pretty quickly! It's also unique to Hyper Scape Hacks and we sure hope to see it again in future releases.

    • The Auto-Heal

    Taking heavy fire? This Hyper Scape cheats function will definitely come in handy to restore your health and that of our whole team. Pretty useful, but it takes a while to master.


    hyper scape cheats image


    • The Invisible Flying Hacks

    This is a top favorite Hyper Scape cheats! The invisibility hacks allows you to be briefly invisible. Take note, however, the keyword is BRIEF! If ill-used, you just might find yourself in more trouble than anticipated.

    Also, Do you want to sabotage your enemy? This Hyper Scape flying hacks enables you to set a mine trap that your enemy will unwittingly stumble upon as they chase after you! A great way to cause a commotion and score a few hits in the process. 

    • The Reveal Hacks

    Scared of an ambush? This Hyper Scape cheats enables you to see the enemy ahead of you as you go about the map. Just watch out for those enemies on the move because they can still sneak up on you unawares.

    • The Shockwave

    This one is pretty exciting to watch in action! It acts just like a shockwave from the point of deployment, knocking your enemies back all around you and giving you a few seconds advantage.

    • The Slam Shot

    Easily one of the most effective Hyper Scape cheats available. This hacks shoots you up in the air and brings you down with a force that will score some serious damage on the enemy. It, however, works best when in close contact with the enemy or if you're above them hence in a position to come down hard on them. 

    • The Teleport

    We can’t always win every fight, right? Well, this hacks allows you to make a quick getaway from a fight if you feel like you’re losing and in danger. You will need to aim to your preferred destination so just be careful not to land yourself in even more serious trouble there!

    • The Wall Hacks

    The Hyper Scape wallhacks also comes in handy in times of serious fire. Wall hacks are easily a favorite that can be found in almost every shooter game out there. It will close you in safely until you’re ready to rejoin the battle. It, however, takes a bit of practice so better master it early on before the moment when you really need it to survive.


    The Other Major Types of Hyper Scape Cheats

    There’s always a little extra something when it comes to shooter game hacks and cheats. There are a number of additional Hyper Scape cheats and hacks already available that don’t come with the conventional game hacks. Of note are the;

    • Hyper Scape Aimbot

    Is your aim pretty lousy? Aimbots are pretty popular especially with these survival games that heavily rely on your ability to take out the enemy. The Hyper Scape aimbot gives you pinpoint accuracy, wherever you’re aiming from. It eliminates all those fatal misses which can easily cost you your life and ensure nearly 100% on-target shots from your barrel!


    Hyper Scape Aimbot ESP Image


    • Hyper Scape ESP

    Knowing your enemy's position at all times also increased your survival odds drastically. You can quickly gauge whether to engage or not in advance depending on your position. It's also great for avoiding ambushes.

    The ‘other’ hacks can be customized which makes them even more deadly, especially for players engaging in the battle without any enhancements.  Also, the game’s design is pretty fast-paced. In fact, some users have complained that the enhanced nature of the player’s ‘legal’ hacks pack makes the gameplay hard to manage because everyone is moving so fast all the time.

    Now, this makes it pretty difficult to take anyone out, and it often nullifies the effect of the hacks since everyone has them on, upgrading all the way.


    Winding-Up! Hyper Scape Hacks!

    Ready to arm yourself and explore Hyper Scape? Better be ready to face some aggressive firepower out there. If you don’t have any Hyper Scape hacks equipped (even the default ones), your survival chances are pretty dire because these surfacing Hyper Scape aimbots are pretty efficient! Good luck!

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      • This specific product is pretty straight forward to use. You can never go wrong. The instructions are very easy to follow before using The overlay in-game is brilliant. This product has helped me get wins. I've been using it for more than 2 months and never encounter any problem. You will get compensation if the product is on update e.g. you will get 8 hours compensation if the product has been out for 8 hours.   EDIT: The admins are very helpful as well. Please join the Discord channel if you are in doubt. The link is on the top-right of the website ("DISCORD").
      • Hello I finish using Sion and I will like to share to those people who just started the game or don't know which hack to buy. Why you should buy Sion first is because firstly, you a newbie/noob at the game and don't know understand how the game mechanics work when you use other hack like Azur, or Midnight/Orion you will always abuse and relying Aim bot to get kill or win the game and after playing it for like 3 or 5 hours you get banned is not because the anti cheat not working is because you make yourself too a obvious and many player report until the Admin starting watching you and when they think you Sus they will banned you, how I know this is because I came with experience XD after using Azur I got 2 account banned and using Orion I got 1 account banned reason I got banned is because I rely on aim bot too much and never adjust the FOV and the smoothness, I sharing with you this is because I don't want any of you end out like me XD   So why buy Sion first is because Sion already giving you a advantage like their location and position and it help you rely on your own aim more and you won't get your account banned 99.99% 0.01 unless your very unlucky the hack patch or updating or you just so noob until you can still get banned while only using ESP then I have nothing to say la that one you can quit playing video game already no joke.   So after you finish using Sion and you want to buy those hack have aimbot, ESP, Loot Esp, ETC but you don't know which one is good well let me tell you I high recommend this two Orion my ratting for this is 4.7 the reason it only 4.7 because to active the hack is very troublesome got a lot of step you need to do like if you never turn off the window defend the hack won't work or discord overlay is turn off the menu won't show but why I still recommend this is because this hack is less confessing and cheapest and the aimbot work on firing range mode why is so important that aimbot must work in firing range? well because if not how you going to adjust your aim smoothness and your FOV for those setting I recommend Lower your FOV and increase your smoothness until you hit that sweet spot and make sure you turn off only head so that when you use aimbot you won't keep locking on their head and make yourself too obvious I can't tell you how much to increase and decrease the FOV and Smoothness you have to go firing range and try it yourself.   2nd recommend hack maybe Midnight I have not try it myself so I can't tell you how good or how bad it is the reason why I never buy it is because you need to buy 2 thing the spoof and the hack and cost money and I not rich TwT my piggy bank can't Survive it but after listen to those people who use it seem good but you have to try it yourself to know it good or not.   for my 3rd lightly recommend hack is Azur and my rating for this is 3.9 out of 5 the reason why I lightly recommend this is because 1st there and too many thing and it confessing  2nd the aimbot don't work on firing range and because of that you can't adjust the smoothness and the FOV like one wise man say too many thing is a bad thing so the less the better but for those people who know how to adjust the setting go ahead and buy it  for those people thinking what do you mean so many thing I will give you a example  1st Radar > how many of you will look at the map and find players when you already got ESP? 2nd what is developer mode and streaming mode for all I know streaming mode is when you turn on no one can snipe your game but I think someone want to snipe you already gotten banned XP 3rd the Realistic aim setting too confessing, why so confessing well it hard to explain you have to go see it for yourself so what good about Azur is their ESP is dam Clean the loot and the other player ESP is best among those hack 10/10 for me ♥o♥ but for recoil and no spread and auto snap new target well if looking for getting banned fast then you are welcome to turn those on hahaha I will buy Azur again just to learn more about the setting and give you guys more clear information so for now I will rate this 3.9 look forward to it 🙂   well that all I have to say hope you guys play safe and play smart Don't get banned!! or else you have to go through the tutorial and start from level 1 again hahaha ok Peace♥ . and sorry for my bad grammar    
      • although i haven't used omega for valorant yet since it's in testing phase, moto on the support team was very quick to answer all my questions and be an overall good support member. I'll 100% be buying more in the future. 
      • Just want to say thanks guys, I am extremely happy with my cheat 🙂 At first I was a little sceptical but have been using the PAK PUBG cheat now for a few hours without any issues xD I am using the safe options only as they are more than enough to get me a fun game.   Thanks again guys.   Regards.  
      • The cheat is very helpful and useful and working and the price reasonable  the only problem is the starting the game or loading into the game the screen will always turn black and sometime take long time to load in to the lobby but overall experience was great ♥. For those people who saw this post are new to the site or already customer but don't know how the cheat work, here some tips to make your experience better then my when I first brought Azur Step 1: before you use the cheat or load it start the game normally first and adjust the region after that go in play one game and see your got lag or high ping make sure you don't have 2 red box on your top right screen in the game as so known as packet loses after you done all that close the game and go to step 2. Step 2: Open Windows Security and click on Virus & threat protection, then select Virus & threat protection settings then off Real-time protection After that go back and select Firewall & network protection, off Domain network/Private network/public network, after that run the loader as administrator for more information you can go  Step 3: After you load in to the game lobby go to setting and go mouse/keyboard change the Aim Down Sight [Toggle] to [Hold] after that go to Firing Range play around with the cheat menu and adjust the FOV to your liking and the important information is the Aimbot or Aimlock won't work on bot and your teammate so don't be like me send a support ticket to Aria and saying that the aimbot not working, it only work on enemy players and change the Aimbot key to right click after you finish playing around the menu start the game and go Rekt some noob and enjoy 😄  I hope my tip can help you guys have a better experience and hope you guys can continue support skycheat ♥ if you guys have any question leave it down below and I try my best to answer them  that all have fun and try not to get yourself banned 😄    
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