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  • Fall Guys Hacks Cheats in 2020 - Quick Review about Speed Hack and Flying Hack

    Are you a battle royal fan who enjoys the excitement of survival experiences on the screen? Fall Guys brings you a whole different approach to this gaming style and the global audience has already been enchanted by its uniqueness only a few weeks after launching! However, live every other game that has ever been developed for multiple users, the issue of performance-enhancing hacks has already come up and lots of users are arming themselves with these special skills and abilities to gain an advantage over the millions of competitors currently playing the game!
    Unlike your regular Battle Royale games, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout brings a different vibe from the shooter games, with a more cute and friendly design and story line. Funny enough, the game remains highly competitive and super-heated despite the colorful jellybean and Disney-style environment. Instead of hardcore shooters battling with sniper rifles and grenades, Fall Guys brings you cute jellybeans racing to overcome obstacles in their way and beat their peers to the finish line! It definitely sounds silly I know, but trust me it's super fascinating.
    At launch, Fall Guys attracted a staggering 2 million users, leading to server issues as the developer, Mediatonic, had not expected such a spectacular audience. The game was published by Devolver Digital with a bit of a hefty system spec requirement list. Let’s just quickly dive into the most common Fall Guys hacks that have already surfaced so far aimed at enhancing performance when attempting the obstacle course;


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    Fall Guys.jpg


    Fall Guys Speed Hack

    This one comes as no surprise at all. Every battle royal game (no matter how unique) comes with a super-competitive environment. This means that the hacks that surface often target o enhance the most significant feature that promotes an easier win. Since Fall Guys is all about getting to the finish line first ahead of others, it was pretty much expected that the Fall Guys speed hack would be the first to surface.
    While your peers trudge in the slime at the starting point, barely managing to shuffle and trip forward, this speed hack boosts the player speed hence enabling them to quickly escape the mass of competitors and far-outpace the rest! 





    Fall Guys Flying Hack

    Obstructions, pits, and destructive moving objects are all part of the game’s obstacle route. This means that the ability to quickly evade such onslaughts can be very detrimental in ensuring a player’s survival. This has led to the flying hack which enables the user to simply go airborne for some moments, effectively sipping over the obstruction.
    While others are being smashed and tumbling in all directions, this Fall Guys cheat will land you safely beyond its reach. Remember, the game isn’t just about racing to the finishing line but also avoiding decimation along the way so this hack is a definite performance boost!




    Fall Guys Teleport Cheat

    With all players hell-bent to get from point A to B without incident, it was only a matter of time before the teleport hack features among Fal Guys cheats. This one allows you to move from one point to the next through the obstacles seeking to destroy you – pretty ingenious huh? Instead of maneuvering your way around or above the obstacles, players can simply choose to reappear beyond it in a safer one where the threat is no more hence effectively saving yourself from potential death.
    The teleport cheat is pretty handy where there are hordes of players confined in a tight space, hindering each other from moving forward effectively. It is also a lifesaver where one has been trapped by an obstacle and there's no more hope for escape!




    Collision Hacks

    This special category of Fall Guys cheats is not really a result of a deliberate move to enhance performance in the game. Rather, some players have been able to use the bugs present in the game to their advantage. Instead of functioning in the pre-set manner, these bugs seem to enable players to do unnatural stuff like floating or even bust through walls that would normally be impenetrable.
    Of course, once these bugs have been discovered by error, other payers can simply take advantage of them which, therefore, qualifies them as hacks in their own right! Such additional abilities can easily make the experience much less of a challenge as the player moves much faster through the obstacles and survives obstacle onslaughts.


    Other Fall Guys Hacks and Developer Response

    It seems like the developer wasn’t really anticipating all these hacks and cheats to surface so quickly after the launch if at all. What they probably missed is that, despite being an overly fun game, Fall Guys remains a high-end battle royal game, and players are, therefore, bound to become extremely competitive. The game was released without any in-game report feature which meant that these cheats and hacks were pretty much untouchable. 
    As the game hit over 8 million (as per Gamstat reports), reports of Fall Guys cheats and hacks usage became widespread via other platforms like YouTube and Redditt.  Mediatonic took to Twitter on 11 August to reassure the gaming fan base that they were on top of the issue. Attempts have been made on the two available platforms, Steam and PS4, to curb the use of these enhancers but they don’t seem to be working that much.


    Winding Up Fall Guys Hacks and Cheats

    Ready for a unique experience with battle royal? Fall Guys is definitely a good pick that offers a break from the gunfire while retaining the excitement of competing with your peers! The game is also free to download, which sort of explains the massive interests from the onset. Give it a shot today for yourself, however, without these Fall Guys cheats and hacks installed, you might be in for some thorough whopping by the competition!

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