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New Pubg "Adonis"

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Play for 2 days. 

15 chickens.  6-12 kills per game.

1st account 24hrs ban now .

>10 games mostly over 9 kills...

that cost too many report cuz i did rage killing ...no acting.

2ed account still safe .

5 chickens 6-10 kills per game, play legit 

2 chickens rage 11-13 kills.

Damn, I'm sleepy now  lol !! 


over 350m, using sniper, target not moving , 1-2 head shots. if moving 3-5 shots.

lucky time 2 hits in a roll melt down target even moving..

within 300m , using sniper, target not moving  1 head shot 100% melt down.

within 300m, using sniper, target moving. 2-3 shot, sometimes 1 head shot !

within 200m, AK. M4 M16 MK47 etc ..   20-50% bullets melt everyone down

even other cheaters. doesnt metter moving or not.

within 200m, SKS FNFL MINI14.   3-5 shots kills everyone, 2 head

within 100m , you are the boss now .😆






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