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New Customer Guide

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Skycheats New User's guide

🔹Hello and welcome to our website!. In this section I will explain the basic procedures for accessing downloads and also some guidelines to follow after having been moved to our client group.

🔶First, we must identify the order number corresponding to the purchase made. An email is sent after you have made a purchase. Keep in mind that sometimes this e-mail is sent to the "Junk" or "Spam" folders.

(If you purchased from our website shop, no need to post anything in the Request Promotion Thread, thus you will be automatically be given the customer role if you purchased from our website shop)


*Some e-mail providers do also take around 5 to 10 minutes to deliver this e-mail. Please be patient.

For example:



🛒Order ID: This is basically the order number, with this, we can identify that you have successfully done a purchase and when. This ID number will be needed for your approval in the next step.

🔑Serial Code: This is your key. With this serial you can activate the loader you have purchased once you have been verified as customer.


0. How to register on our website?

-Go to here and make a your account first.



1. How could I get verified as a Customer?

-It is very simple. Make a new thread at here Request promotion to Customer Group.



And then follow this template to make a simple request.



Please keep in mind that spamming messages as well as not including the order ID or any other type of offensive/repeated posts etc may delay your approval.

You can check at all times that every single person receive a response, so you can feel safe on that.
We will reply to you as soon as possible. (Usually within 1~2 hours)



2. What should I do once my request is approved?

Once this step is done, you're good to Download and read the cheat manual!

These buttons are located at the upper side of the website. Please check it out



3. Finally, please join our Discord Server. You can get a fast support from us.



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