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Clover Eft - Oracle Eft / Customer Service


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Clover eft : For the price the best product that you can find. Its simpla by using only keybord dont need stop game every second to chance stuff.It would be better if they chance prices for items because the price was a bit wrong. Esp-Aimbot was working perfecly.No computer crass at all.

Clover EFT 4/5


Oracle eft:  If you want use something that will let you do everything you want. Than this is the right product.I have been try many protuct in skycheats but this is something is else.Really good product.If you can offer the price for the both product i would chose oracle.It let you search the items that you need or what ever you want to see.

Oracle EFT 5/5

Customer service : IRL and in online this is the best service you can get. Quicly answer and a lot of help. Paypal service takes max 5 min. Answer take max 5 min. I mean if you need help you will get in 5 min. Best customer serice ever !

Customer service 6/5

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