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Honestly, where do I begin? When I first got it, I was kinda stupid and couldn't get it to open. Once I got it opened and running properly though? I was blown away. With aim assist, you are like 90% accurate which is INSANE. You're able to see skeletons of other players which helps you prep for them coming around corners, or for when they're camping. The only weapon I saw it struggle with is the crossbow, but that's because it's the only weapon with a drop in the trajectory. Outside of that? Any other gun you're practically like Master Chief using, because you're CRAZY deadly with them and have no recoil. I'm normally running 10-15 kills, but with Zeta, I was rarely below 30, and almost always carried the team to victory. Is Zeta worth it? YES, and I SERIOUSLY mean it. It's safe to use, as I played 8 or 9 consecutive hours, and didn't get caught. I nearly golded 3 guns in no time. I truly look forwards to the next time I purchase access to it, because I know I'll be guaranteed hours of fun. So, what're you doing? GO BUY ACCESS.

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