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[Omega] Valorant Review

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Omega is a very useful program. at first glance, it is fairly easy to set up and get running. Moving on to the actual program and it's uses; Omega's overlay is pretty simple and straight-forward to use, using your arrow keys to navigate around it and its very nicely digitized and not at all confusing. It is also very safe considering that it is an external mod, and I personally haven't been detected using it even after a week.


Omega's ESP is nice, it is a simple box with key information below it. you have the options to turn on the agent, their weapon, and a few other key informations.


Even though Omega's aim is not on at the moment, I was sure to include it here. The aim feature is very precise. you can set your "aim-key" to 4 different keys, left ctrl, alt, right mouse button, or left mouse button; which in turn makes it possible to be fiddled with to find maximum comfort. They also have a head lock feature which is shift key + your aim button. their headlock and aim feature is very reliable, with maybe a 5% margin of error.

overall, for the price of the cheat, it is well worth it's money just from its uses. Add the reliability of the very low chance of being detected, and it's a steal! 

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