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QC Spoofer

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So I tried the other 2 spoofers from this website with no luck, both ACRO and Sky let me down. The reason I was trying to find a spoofer was because I used the day key cheats for Tarkov that got me banned within hours of using them, so I tried Sky Spoofer and it did not work, I tried ACRO spoofer and it too did not work, I blew about a hundred bucks on accounts alone trying to spoof and get back on Tarkov. I eventually said screw it, I said if QC Spoofer does not work I am buying a new PC, but QC worked, it did not let me down, QC Spoofer spoofs your motherboard and Disk Drives meaning that it 100 percent bypasses Tarkov and BSG HWID bans. I was so happy when I was finally able to log in and play again, I also bought Deneva and QC with Deneva worked perfectly. The 2 ways I knew that the spoofer worked were because each time I spoofed I checked my Disk and Motherboard serials using Command Prompt and typing in these commands: "wmic diskdrive get serialnumber" and "wmic baseboard get serialnumber". Type those commands before and after you spoof, your disk serials should be changed and your motherboard serials should show up as "DefaultString" or a changed serial number. After that I would launch BSG to play tarkov and each time I spoofed before launching it would do that 2FA logging in from a new computer confirmation, meaning that the spoofer really tricked Tarkov and BSG into thinking that I was on a new PC meaning that the spoofer, worked perfectly. 10/10 would recommend QC Spoofer!

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