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EFT Deneva

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This is my 2nd time using Deneva and mother of god I am in love with the cheat. I was using Item ESP, Aimbot, No Fatigue, I pushed it to the limit by even using Speedhacks and Door Unlocker which are both suspectedly suspicious and dangerous to use but I did it anyway, I went like this for a week straight and got 2 THICC Cases, A Lapua, A GL40, Kappa Container, and the amount of Slicks and Exfils, not to mention the kitted guns and ammo with mags I got is ridiculous. On top of all that I have about 70 million roubles at the moment and my overall stash value is well over 110 million roubles. Unfortunately my key expired this morning but with my next paycheck, I am buying a month key, oh and also I found every keycard except red. Buy this cheat, it is very pricey but my god it works beautifully.

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