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R6S Deneva

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Amazing, absolutely flawless, I am going to be honest, at first I was only using ESP but afterwards I said screw it, I paid for the whole cheat and used the whole cheat. I was using blatant aimbot settings and was hiding the ESP as much as possible. Nobody accused me of having aimbot, maybe 3 or 4 accusations to say the least for ESP, but overall, nobody thought I was cheating, they just thought I was good at the game. 10/10 would recommend Deneva because not only are the instructions simple, the cheat itself is easy to use, and if you use it right nobody will think you are cheat. For the record I did this on a smurf account that was Bronze 2 and within under a week I got it to Diamond 4500 RP and I was only getting 30-50 or maybe 60 MMR per game. I would definitely recommend this to anybody that wants to cheat on Rainbow Six, granted it is a bit pricey, but I can promise you, it is well worth every penny.

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