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Great Cheat with great customer support.

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I purchased a 1-Day cheat on Thursday to test the waters, I had issues with the payment and got a response rather quickly with a instant solution. After I finished my purchased I followed the written manual which was really detailed and thorough. 

Unfortunately there was an issue which kept my game from crashing, I was able to start up the game once with the cheat running, but it kept on crashing. I reached out to support via Discord, after a bit of back and forth Aria chimed in for help. I'd say we surely worked 1 1/2 hour on it trying to fix the issue, the support staff even connected to my machine trying to help out. Unfortunately nothing helped and at the end of the day I got the purchase credited to my Account which I really appreciate. 

I was able to figure out the problem on my own (apparently overclocking your CPU can cause issues), after fixing that I decided to purchase a 1-day Zeta key to test how the cheat feels. And it is really easy to use and feels great in game. After all this experience I most likely will purchase more keys as I am really amazed how good it works and how responsive the support staff is!

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