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EFT Deneva

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Private cheese that is directly from sky. No third party reseller. Updates comes from sky. Feedback helps sky to tweak.

Ui is simple and easy to adjust to your liking. Can adjust text so it doesn't overwhelm screen. Easy to read bosses, player scav and PMC. 

Not much rage feature as others have. Which is a good thing. Helps keep cheese last longer and away from BE.

Con/ suggestions

Price. If you are new cheeser the high price may rethink on you purchasing this.

Loot color coding would be helpful. Easier to identify items of certain category. Food, containers, keys, armor etc.

Medical and ration containers are not displaying. Other containers do like jager stashed or weapon box.

Allow to have certain items be display. Only want medical supplies. Disable other loot items and leave medical on.

Separate different cigarettes from their category. Generic "cigarettes" to winston, strike, apollo, marlboro.


Overall it's a great product. Would purchase again.


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Spelling and tweak.

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