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Rust- All clients review

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so iv been with sky cheats for over a year now and tried all of the clients for rust army was a great one but unfortunately wont be reviewing this as it no longer exists on the site, right so first off we have Ares cant review much other than that as its now had toggles  since i last used it when it was player pvp aimbot and esp auto enabled only no toggles but based on that it was great, now stellar really good but aimbot is too suspicious and the fact you cant use workbenches is a big downfall there is a map glitch but thats not too bad to deal with, however this brings me to the last product ODIN now this is by far my favourite as has more options it feels like stellar but with more options and no glitches from what i have found so far aimbot is great you can switch to body parts instead of head (i only use headshot only toggle when someone is only peaking above me from roofs) gives a massive advantage to game and your not at all that obvious so long as your only using alt to look at players around you instead of directly, so obviously this is just my opinion and things could change with other clients at any point so dont let this put you off trying other products for rust just because of a few issues as they are all great but my preference is odin  which has best of all worlds, sky cheats have done an amazing job with fast updates ect so all clients deserve a chance to see what works best for your play style, enough said, you will have a great time with them all 🙂

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