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Over the past few days I've been using the lobby only tool "Axera".  So far I've been able to help my friends, get money, and spend time in a great discord server. Axera comes with some nice features for a modded lobby such as *Crits Only*, *High jump and Speed*, and *Mystery Box One Location*. I've been loving Axera so far for its easy to use and simple menu and thanks to it i been able to mess around with friends and sell lobbies to be able to buy more xD. The discord has great support and nice people as always and highly recommend giving it a try. The users are friendly and will quite often try to help you before you have to go to support. The admins work as hard as they can to bring server back up and test with their own accounts to make sure you're getting the best experience possible and that is just one of the best "features" of this cheat. Highly recommend have fun!

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