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Exodus | COD: Cold War Multiplayer

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The Cold War tool, Exodus is extremely user friendly in it's panel. The settings are pretty self explanatory if you're familiar with other products, and if not of course the discord is there for help as well as the support team. I see nothing wrong with this tool in it's usability feature.


The aim help in Exodus is extremely customizable, one of the better feeling ones I've used, to the point where I actually used 16 of the 24 hours of this key in-game. The aim was phenomenal and I was absolutely frying, but no snapping so as long as you're not staring at people through walls the aim shouldn't give you any issues.


The ESP is clean and concise, although the weapon is just the primary weapon, not the weapon they have out, and that's the only downfall I found. You can customize the colors, the size of the borders on the box, and much more, even allowing you to select the teams you wish to display. The ESP has draw lines which actually helps a lot incase someone is sneaking up on your side.


What a fun meme honestly, the zombies has a teleport to location mod, exp modifications and weapon exp modification options. 10/10 for this, absolutely amazing feature that is so simple but so useful. Got my FFAR max level in one game of 11 rounds or so, whenever you xfil, and had it gold later that evening.


Overall Exodus is the best COD tool I've used, but I don't really play COD much anymore, and the tools I used are no longer available so not much to compare it to, but I hope to be able to review the others in the future as well and due to that fact, I will be rating this a fair 8/10 simply because I don't have much to compare it to, and it does it's job and much more.

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