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Azur | APEX Legends

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If you've read my previous reviews, you understand that I have some experience in the field when looking for specific tools to use, and I specifically look for the ease of use and the customization the tool gives the user and when it comes to Azur, it's one of the most in-depth when it comes to customization and usability in general. The menu itself is beautiful, easily accessible and usable, with options that are self-explanatory to the user and if that isn't enough, the manual has a section that explains literally every single option available, and most options are customizable to the thousandth decimal place.


The aim on Azur is breathtaking, so much to the point where you need to miss some shots on purpose so you're not frying an entire team in 2 mags. The aim comes with two options, silent and memory and of course memory being the safer option that is what I stick with. You are able to set the detection mode of the aimbot, off-set the shot a bit so it looks more legit, set the smooth rate of the mod, and a whole bunch of other options. There isnt much to type out about aimbots because if they're simple enough and do their job, there isnt much to talk about :p.


I think on my midnight review I said it was the best I've ever seen, when in reality I think Azur is the best ESP I've seen. I don't use item ESP but if you're looking for that, Azur has the cleanest Item ESP I've ever seen, not using words but actual icons themselves makes the overview a ton better in my opinion. The customization options on the ESP are phenomenal, as the options range from a simple ESP box, to include glow, exclude drawing friendlies, set a range on the ESP distance, and a whole slew of other options.


Overall, Azur is one of the best tools I've seen for Apex, and the privacy and usability of it makes it all the better. The setup is super easy, as well as using the tool. I'll be sticking with Azur for the time being.



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