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Azur (APEX) 4.5 star out of 5

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The cheat is very helpful and useful and working and the price reasonable 

the only problem is the starting the game or loading into the game the screen will always turn black and sometime take long time to load in to the lobby

but overall experience was great ♥.

For those people who saw this post are new to the site or already customer but don't know how the cheat work, here some tips to make your experience better then my when I first brought Azur

Step 1: before you use the cheat or load it start the game normally first and adjust the region after that go in play one game and see your got lag or high ping make sure you don't have 2 red box on your top right screen in the game as so known as packet loses after you done all that close the game and go to step 2.

Step 2: Open Windows Security and click on Virus & threat protection, then select Virus & threat protection settings then off Real-time protection After that go back and select Firewall & network protection, off Domain network/Private network/public network, after that run the loader as administrator for more information you can go 

Step 3: After you load in to the game lobby go to setting and go mouse/keyboard change the Aim Down Sight [Toggle] to [Hold] after that go to Firing Range play around with the cheat menu and adjust the FOV to your liking and the important information is the Aimbot or Aimlock won't work on bot and your teammate so don't be like me send a support ticket to Aria and saying that the aimbot not working, it only work on enemy players and change the Aimbot key to right click after you finish playing around the menu start the game and go Rekt some noob and enjoy 😄 

I hope my tip can help you guys have a better experience and hope you guys can continue support skycheat ♥ if you guys have any question leave it down below and I try my best to answer them 

that all have fun and try not to get yourself banned 😄


Step 1.PNG

Find the Ping that can help you.PNG

the menu.PNG


key setting.PNG

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