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Wave DBD - Review

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Wave is a new product that was added recently to the DBD options and is a great simple product that allows you to get the advantage your looking for. Killer ESP as well as pallet and generator ESPs make it easy to stay hidden and get those objectives done. Using the product is as simple as opening a loader, placing your key and clicking login and then starting the game. The menu is simple and easy to operate with no excess buttons or boxes. My few complaints with the product is that the ESP boxes around the killer or generators are not 100 percent accurate it is either slightly off the the right or slight off to the left. Also, generators that we're completed used to disappear from ESP but even completed generators show on ESP which can be confusing when your trying to find the last few generators. Overall this is a very good product i would look to see week and month keys come out for this as currently you can only buy a day key. Mercy is a little more polished and refined compared to this but for the price difference you get a lot of value from Wave. 

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