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To start off looking at the price of zero kind of deterred me from buying it, but you do get more than one day, which is fantastic, Recently it has been very difficult to use do to constant updating but that expected. However I am quiet surprised with what comes with this program.

The player and item ESP are very customizable, allowing you to change the color of the ID and the bones as well. You can even adjust to your style of esp having lines or just having the ids or even having the bones and lastly of course customizing the distance of what you can see. This is fantastic to use, I love to change all those features. I wish there was a way to save a preset so you don't have to do it every single time you restart the program. Which leads me to one of the major cons of Zero, I know must programs makes you reset the game every few raids because it glitches out or stops working. With zero it happens way to often and is unreliable to succeed with more than one raid. Ive come to a point of realization that after one raid just restart the game and the program to ensure it works every time. which would not be too much of a problem if i were able to keep presets of the program.

Its just a convenience hing however.

Now the question is would i buy this again for the price that it is offered. Short answer yes, its wonderful when it works and its very clean and simple


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