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Spark Escape from Tarkov review

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Spark on a good day works perfectly with a wonderful UI and easy to use features. I have yet to see it get detected for my self which is excellent. The aim bot is slightly buggy but its not really needed when your using no recoil which works perfectly. the esp is also great to use. only cons are as follows: after a few rounds playing Spark breaks and will not work at all, needs to constantly reset which can be annoying but nothing to serious its expected from a opengl type of esp ( i think) . Some times the ESP works perfectly , but a lot of times you'll get esp artifacts which can and will affect the aim bot. again this is no problem for me, i just use the ESP's and its wonderful for most raids. just have to reset after a few rounds .


in conclusion, for the price it is, it works like a charm and im hooked on keeping on using it

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