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EFT Zero Review

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Hey Guys,


This is my EFT Zero Cheat Review. So I bought the Zero Cheat for EFT for 1 Week and I have to say, I was happy with it!

I used the Zero cheat along with the QC Spoofer and the SKY Spoofer and with both it worked perfectly. After 1 Week I'm still not banned.

Welp the features are kinda buggy. The Aimbot is not perfectly on point. When I set in on Head its like on the Neck to Chest, when I set it on Neck it was on Chest and if I set it on Chest it was on Stomach and lower body. Some visuals didn't worked aswell, like Bots and players where all shown as Bots, healthbar didn't showed health and Names also didn't showed.

For me, its not a big problem those bugs. I'm happy if I know where are Players and NPC's are and the AImbot does his job too. But maybe some other players care more about this.


Would buy it more often if it wasn't that expensive, but I can understand it.

All in one I was happy with it.

A solid 8/10 for this Cheat!


sKp 😉

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