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EFT online cheats review[spark][zero]

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hello everyone i'm a streamer and i'v been trying to look at new hacks for EFT. and here are my reviews on the hacks available on sky cheats.

first : spark 

spark is a great cheat for something fast and cheap. i didn't get banned after using it full rage mode. (applied all the settings)

would rate 6/10. the problems with it is the aimbot is't accurate. not much customization, and sometimes it takes time to load in the game. and scavs or people spawning before you don't show up immediately 


second : Zero


in the beginning i got Zero after the update. it was almost like spark, however they updated it couple days later and boom best cheat ever tried for it's price. 

you have 2 settings, 1 for calm and you can stream with it. and 2 is rage mode where you can apply everything.

this one is what i would recommend if you want something better.

problems, once every 5 raids it will stop working. you can restart the game or if you finish and go to another game it works. sometimes the aimbot isn't accurate but it's still better than spark.

ask if you have any questions  thank you

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