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Modern Warfare Blue Mod

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So where to start easy to install mod after following the manual for MW BLUE.  I only play Multiplayer with this mod because warzone doesn't interest me.Mod worked great the time I had it before the current update on May 9 2020. I've notice a few things that happen often with this MOD I've notice that the enemy boxes location would work for all enemy players except for 1 person that that never had it and be the person  that would kill me lol.  What would happen sometime after lets say few games the Boxes would disappear from enemies and only be on my team I would usually end up rebooting the mod to fix that problem happen few times while playing. The most annoying about this mod would be the tracking part of a player your trying to kill it wouldn't lock on if someone else came around the area or map more like it become very annoying. what I like about this mod it doesn't make you look like your using a aimbot so your kill and death ratio isn't that bad for people to think your aimboting (Multiplayer). So yes I recommend the mod for those who want to try it out first. I will be trying other Mod makers in the next few days to pick my favorite.

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