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Crypto PuBG Hack - Works great

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So I purchased Crypto around 6 hours ago and I kinda like it. 

ESP is ESP, I mean its ESP. Works great! have the option to hide Vechs/Items/Etc. I like this because I don't want to ruin the entire game and half the game is looting everything. If I just ran to the items that are best it would just get boring after 2 games. I'll also like to note if you just run to specific items and loot all the time you might get banned faster? I mean its pretty obvious but I doubt anyone whos buying this cares about that. ESP for people works great, I can see their name, which group their in, their health, and a box or skele depending on how you like it.

Heres the big issue though, aimbot. It's not the best aimbot, especially for snipers. No matter if I have it set to Body, Neck, Head it will always shoot above them and not directly on them. This is especially sucky when you have a AWM or a M24 where it shoots like a laser and doesn't have much bullet drop (Unless really far away) The aimbot will still hover above them and miss 90% of the time. It does work exceptionally well with SMG's though. So depending on the gun I guess it works but for most it doesn't work too well. Maybe I need to config it better? its new so maybe it'll get better overtime.

I've been using it for 5+ hours now and no ban yet. I've went over 5 kills about 5 times now but only won 1 game at the moment. I'll give it a hard test (Raging and whatnot) for the next 10 hours.

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