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Rainbow Six Siege - Angel Tips & Tricks!

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I have used my fair share of R6 angel and here are some tips and tricks I personally think may help some brand new users not get banned and just have a more enjoyable experience!

1.Drones are your best friend. Yes it may be tempting to run in and prefire that cav hiding in a corner but its really stupid of you to do. Drones can prevent so many accusations! For example that same cav hiding in that corner? Just throw a drone in and a quick swift run through so you see the cav but your drone is alive and just wall her dead. So much more legit and less suspicious then prefiring her.

2.Skins skins skins. At first glance you may glance over the all unlocked skins but they truly do matter. This mainly applies to low levels so if you are of a higher level (100 and above) this may not apply to you. So rare skins. You obviously have access to them and sure! go ahead and use them but limit your self. Black ice and elite skins? Not suspicious at all but where it does get suspicious are skins like glacier and the beta skin. You will get called out incredibly fast by certain people. This has happened to me countless times and I normally get out of the situation by saying I got the account from some random Russian site. ( I would name some but I am unaware of the rules of this forum and its rules with linking sites) This generally gets most people off unless you get really unlucky and get some r6 maniac then good luck.

3. Until mid plat literally just ash rush and before you do just pull out your drone so it looks like you droned it out. This will obviously not work in every situation but its quite nice with the black ice

4. Play with trusted friends. I cannot stress this enough. Solo q and such are totally viable options but you will be so much better off in a game like siege with friends. Because you will get some maniacs on your team who will accuse at the slightest thing.

5. Take your time ranking up. Please. Everyone nowadays has overwolf installed and the moment they see your 4 k.d with a 90% win rate they will call you out the moment you do anything of the slightest suspicion

6.Silent aim and guns like dmrs. They are a perfect combo if you spam when ever you are about to kill someone. Most people will just focus on all the shots and ignore the stats. This will work up to gold/mid plat if you get lucky with some idiotic enemies.


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