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Rainbow Six Siege - Angel Overlooks

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I will be honest. On my first ever time using angel I seemed to have overlooked somethings. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the cheat a lot! But as a player who tries to seem legit as possible I seem to have skipped over a few things that may cause you trouble later on. First of all is the little "watermark" in the top left of your game. Gameplay wise it wont really affect you whatsoever but what is  does effect are screenshots and recordings. Obviously you wont be streaming siege with hacks as that would be incredibly hard to hide and is just ridiculous. Its just that sometimes you may wanna take a screenshot and it might just get a bit suspicious if you are always cropping out your game Second of all is the esp. I somehow managed to overlook this in my first play time but there is actually no outline/skeleton or anything of the sort. There are indeed chams and name tags and tracers you can toggle but for the time being thats about it. Its still an amazing cheat its just that some little details like this might affect your choice. 

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