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RUST ares is the hack  use the most from sky cheats and is deffinetly a solid rust hack esp shows hp of player and the aimbot dosnt lock onto people who are behind walls or hills (so it looks more legit) i would say more of a rage hack but is possible to play legit hacking. the hack also comes with spider man which is good only reason i got fly hack kicked was if i jump over a window frame or a gap in the wall. another good reason for the esp is that you can turn off sleepers which clears the screen alot. if there is 1 bad thing it is that the aimbot dosnt work on cargo (but you can turn it off and still use no recoil and esp so isnt that bad). u can also turn 360 degrees in helis and boat which is funny to sit upside donw and shoot people. the skin changer is a nice touch id you are making videos makeing them look colourful 🙂

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