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COD - DevGru

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This cheat was AMAZING. This was literally perfect for my needs. I have bought this cheat several times already and plan on getting it again in the near future.

Menu: Eh? It was alright. I was not quite impressed by it but the game was still in its early phases so I did not mind but it made up for it quite fast.

Aimbot: This was amazing. Simply rage toggle in hardcore and go off. No replays or anything. As long as you did not get the final replay cam at the end you were set. I dropped tons of nukes using this method. This personally is what I think is the best way to farm nukes with hacks and not get caught. Especially in the night time maps you are pretty much uncatchable. 10/10 Super helpful

ESP: Once again ESP is just esp. I did quite enjoy the bone structure but its just esp. 8/10 Does what you expect ESP to do.

Those were the only things I ever did for the cheat but I did actually closet cheat in a few tourny's with just esp and managed to get my self 35$. Overall quite the good cheat. Amazing for every style of hacking. Overall 9/10 personally

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