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Overwatch - Artemis

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Decent. I enjoyed the cheat more then I actually enjoyed the game surprisingly. (Not the biggest fan of overwatch) As I only played quick play this review will be from the perspective of a casual. If you are looking for competitive tips, this is probably not where you should be looking. (I was also given an extra day key so just a little +1 on that)

Menu: Its quite nice actually. Its simple and slick. I personally enjoyed a few other menus a bit more but this menu is quite decent. Everything is put right in front of you and you most likely wont be getting confused in anyway shape or form. What I quite liked was the warnings that the cheat developers put it in to specify what might get you reported or banned. Manual or Anti-Cheat ban. The toggle noise was quite horrendous to be honest but thankfully you have the option to turn it off. 8/10

Aimbot: Quite nice to honest. A bit funky at some points but that was mostly my-side. I used the configs found from Aria with a few slight tweaks (I highly recommend using them) and was set. (To specify I only played widow and like 10 minutes of mcree during my time using this cheat) 7/10

TriggerBot: Every cheat has its gem and I personally think the trigger bot for this cheat is it. It was perfect for a widow such as me. I made my personal settings a bit higher of a "rage" then aria's and was set. This kind of cheating is probably quite obvious in the higher ranked competitive but I stayed in quick play and was quite fine. Not a single accusation and even got invited to a few 5 stacks. 9/10 

ESP: As usual ESP is just ESP. Nothing special about it. Just what you would expect when using a ESP. I quite enjoyed the tracers. 8/10

That's about everything I have personally used in my time as a widowmaker. I personally do not know the experience of for example a roadhog or a soldier and maybe people who play those heroes may have a different opinion then me. I know there are scripts and such but personally I have not delved into those as I simply was not interested. Maybe another time I shall but for the time being I do not have a opinion. Overall I had a tiny bit of problems (main one being the rather odd wait for the launcher but what can you do) but quite enjoyed it. Overall I would give the cheat a 7.5/10. A few ups and downs but mainly ups. Huge props to the dev for being a nice guy.







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