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Found 26 results

  1. Frikk

    Oracle EFT

    I have purchased Oracle i think 6 times now. I love it! if you don't rage with it you will wont get banned just like with any cheese, but for the price and the features that it comes with is unmatchable to any others out there at this point. The menu setup is very easy to maneuver and easy to understand. If you have been waiting, and thinking about purchasing this cheese, i'd say go for it. You wont regret it!
  2. exoticdoc

    EFT oracle

    This is my second time buying Oracle for eft and i dont regret it whatsoever. The esp has so many options even allowing you to see whats inside crates and people and it even tells you how much those things are worth. I was able to get THREE!!!! labs keycards off of scavs because the hack told me that they had it and it was worth hundreds of thousands of rubles. And the aimbot is amazing you dont even have to aim you can just press fire and boom just like that a headshot and they are dead. so yeah 10/10 WILL buy again and tell my friends.
  3. exoticdoc

    EFT oracle

    The oracle hack for eft is very good i only wish there was a one week option for it. the hack has some features that i have never seen on other menus like being able to see what is inside a crate/corpse also the aimbot is very good and the esp is a little too good but you can limit the items that the esp shows. so all in all 10/10 WILL buy again also i didnt get banned and i used aimbot every chance i had
  4. imVinnyV2


    This is the best program(tool) i ever see, work perfectly!...100% easy manual for everyone... I'll come back soon for this program again... It's not wasted money...
  5. Lopsenes

    EFT Deneva

    Pro. Private cheese that is directly from sky. No third party reseller. Updates comes from sky. Feedback helps sky to tweak. Ui is simple and easy to adjust to your liking. Can adjust text so it doesn't overwhelm screen. Easy to read bosses, player scav and PMC. Not much rage feature as others have. Which is a good thing. Helps keep cheese last longer and away from BE. Con/ suggestions Price. If you are new cheeser the high price may rethink on you purchasing this. Loot color coding would be helpful. Easier to identify items of certain category. Food, containers, keys, armor etc. Medical and ration containers are not displaying. Other containers do like jager stashed or weapon box. Allow to have certain items be display. Only want medical supplies. Disable other loot items and leave medical on. Separate different cigarettes from their category. Generic "cigarettes" to winston, strike, apollo, marlboro. Overall it's a great product. Would purchase again.
  6. So i had purchased Deneva for a month, after using stellar for a while and honestly i enjoy the change. It is nice that you guys did not add a Time Changer, or any unnecessary features that could make this tool more easily detectable. I know some people were talking about the price but i believe that you should leave it where it is, because i feel like it will make it less common and if people really want it they will pay for the service as you even offer it at a various time and for a different rate which i also believe is fair. Pros: Can see Most items and they all read accurately (going to leave a part of a con with this as well) but all in all happy with it! You can toggle things like grenades, dead bodies and other things to your liking and i enjoy that. Distance and everything works like it should, i do agree that sometimes the hitbox for some of the bones can be a little off still good. Cons: Noticed like some other members said in discord that Labs keycards (Red, Blue, Etc.), dont show up on the loot filter. (didnt think to take a picture for proof) *At first the time it took too load raid. I also think the initial start key for one of the features should be changed from F1 to F5 just incase people like to mumble in game and dont want to accidentally do something they didnt mean to do. even though you offer the ability to change it if you arent paying attention it could get someone on accident. I have been using it for 10+ days and have had no issues, have had alot of fun using it. * - Has been addressed
  7. __shadows

    EFT Stella

    My first impression was that i was a little pricey but then when i got the cheese downloaded and used it, it was actually 100% worth it. what you get for you money is really really good. The features of the cheese make it very fun to use and undetectable as you have options that you can make it silent. I had do much fun i decided to buy a cheese for a different game just cuz i got bored of eft at that moment and the menu on the other game was just as good if not better. if there was an option to buy a lifetime version i would take it even if it was pricey but i know it would be worth the money. The discord channel is really informative and the support is one of the best support systems i've used and the supporters are great and very kind and useful helping you in anyway you need. Also the community is amazing with alot of cool and funny people just having a chat in general. SkyCheats is props one of the best website out there and i very much recommend you use the softwares as you have a blast and go back for more like i did.
  8. Hello all. I've been a member of Sky's since the beginning, and ever since then, I've been jumping on and off of Escape from Tarkov with cheese. Overall, I am 100% satisfied with the services, both in game as well as the customer service here. Even the Discord Chat consists of other friendly cheesers who would help each other out in terms of minor issues. You certainly don't see that with any other service. Below is a detailed review of the EFT cheese, most of which I use, although there are a few that I personally don't use. 1) Aimbot 5/10 When I first started using this, there were a few issues with it. Sometimes the snapping would be all over the place, or it just doesn't work. - No breath/no sway 0/10 It does not have No sway or no Breath - No recoil 0/10 Has No, No recoil. 2) ESP 8/10 - Player ESP 10/10 -Usually when I play solo. - Loot ESP 9/10 - Back then, the only thing that I would enable are for rare things, such as Bitcoin, M4s, etc. Now I only use it to find Player Inventory (dead bodies). I'd enable it, then, Kill then loot. I haven't used Loot ESP for a while as going around and searching for loot seems more exciting. Overall, I am very satisfied with this service. Sky also offers discounts the longer your subscription is, and every time they have down time, you will be compensated for it. I will be happily renewing in the future.
  9. Skycheats is one of the most premium suppliers of Call of Duty cheats. DASH and ZETA software have customisable options (ESP, no recoil, aimlock, etc) and COD anticheats won't be able to spot them! Huge variety of payment options including Paypal, Bitcoin and credit card. Get the added advantage while playing your favourite games. Dominate the competition and make your friends jealous of your amazing "skills". I highly recommend trying out ZETA for COD Warzone. Been using this for 4 months and have not been banned or shadowbanned!
  10. Great tool definitely recommend. Playing the newest wipe, Level 28, have 25mil roubles. trying out the 24 hour access, easy enough tutorial on how to install and use the cheats, I'm an EOD player so was worried about a ban but this is my second time using this now and everything is good. The aimbot looks legit, hasn't crashed on me once, runs smoothly, One of my favourite features is the loot ep, found myself a red and violet key card using it, very well made tool, will definitely be using it more.
  11. Started using Oracle about a week ago. Purchased a couple 1 day keys to see if i liked how it ran. Ran amazing! easy UI to work with. Since ive used Oracle a couple times now i went ahead and got a 1 week key. Its 100% worth it. Honestly you can kill anything with the aimbot. but i try not to be "that guy" and just go after bots. I believe the only way you can get banned is if multiple people report you. So i just avoid those situations. Again the product is completely worth it.
  12. ive used these for over a week now and these are by the far the best ive found for the years ive been doing this! there super easy to install and use could be up an running in no time if your looking for some awesome add ons to your gaming experience youve came to the right place the customer service is super responsive an fast they also offer benefits when purchased a certain amount of codes!!! well worth the money
  13. Hi, I have purchased both of these a couple times now, both very effective and yet to be banned. I only had one issue when I started to use the Spoofer which was another program on my PC making me bluescreen, I made a ticket on support and was soon sorted out within minutes. This is the best site I have used for cheese's, there have been several times I have been scammed or mislead on other sites. It's safe and secure on how you receive the product and if you do need any support discord is always there, you will receive answers within minutes if not seconds at times. I have already recommended it to several friends and I will for sure be purchasing more within the next days/weeks.
  14. Skycheats is a legit and safe website to use for cheats. They have cheats for most popular online games including COD warzone and Apex legends. There's an amazing, nice and helpful community available with lots of verified users. If you have any questions after making a purchase, ask someone in the relevant discord channel or create a ticket where someone can help you 1 on 1. I've personally used Zeta for COD warzone and have never been banned. I highly recommend purchasing from skycheats if you want safe and reliable cheats.
  15. Good Day everyone! For the EFT version of Oracle, I have to say, for the price: 9/10 The the setup for me was rather easy, so that is a big positive. The functions you get work outstanding (mostly. min draw distance for items and such being 100 can be good and annoying at the same time, wish I could get 50 to see only stuff that is rather close to me). Besides that, it functions perfectly and does its job. The only negative I have is that menu itself is an eye-sore. I am not sure if you can hide it, and I didn't see a clear direction to do so if you can. Cheers and Happy New Year! -Lectric
  16. Hey guys first off i wanted to say ive been a member of sky for 2 years now, and Ive used Multiple Cheeses on here From apex to Pubg, to CodMW, to EFT Now this Review is for Oracle. Aimbot - 9/10 I gave this a 9 because i think it deserves a 9 It does what its suppose to do. ESP - 10/10 Solid ESP Like most Skeleton is nice, so is the Loot ESP. Misc - 10/10 These features are great but not the best Still give it a solid 10 because it has helped me make the roubles Overall - 10/10 Cheese Would definitely recommend to all that have thought about it you wont regret this purchase 🙂 Thanks Neco2999
  17. Im not a big tech guy or a computer wiz by any means but its all easy and the admins are here to help with the ticket system. Super easy to use and download follow the steps and its that simple ive used orcal on EFT and have had no problems what so ever. Thanks for the service
  18. Install: installation was simple. Instructions gives you step by step guide on what to do. ESP: This feature works as intended. You can configure it to what you want to see. Keys, barter items, meds, dead bodies, etc. When first booting all features are turned on. However it is unreadable with so much of it. So make sure you turn on what you want prior to raid start. Aim: I personally do not use this feature. However, you can set to different target beside aiming for head. You can set it to pelvis area instead but if you do use high armor damage ammo. Overall I gives this a 9/10 and will continue use to be king rat.
  19. WayneW

    My Honest Review

    iv used quite alot of the cheats supplyed by the website and all of them work as intended and the support is topnouch the cheat ive used the most is cod dash esp is pretty good aimbot is easy to use and setup the setup for the cheat is straight forward so the cheat is 9/10
  20. imkreezy


    I’ve been using sky for almost 5 months now I was somewhere else before and I recommend 100% using sky product over any other platform I use Argus for a hole months going full rage and didn’t get a single problem aimbot is going really good but something it’s weird but the Item esp is the best I hever seen compare to other 300$ cheats this one I way better then other
  21. Argus is a well-made cheat for the game Escape From Tarkov. Although the price is higher than the other cheats offered for Tarkov it is well worth. I was able to go into raid after raid for a month without my account being banned. Throughout that time it had virtually no outages and was even updated with more features that let you filter item-ESP by price, which is a very useful tool. The support given by Skycheats staff also helped me answer any question I had about Argus as well as resolve any issue I came across. AIMBOT : I will now review some of the features Argus had. Argus aim-bot worked really well, but best with certain guns and scopes. I noticed some scopes would lock onto the chest instead of head while using the aim-bot which usually lasered the target anyway. Typically the best sights to use for this were iron sights but some scopes like the Cobra EKP-8-18 reflex sight also worked really well. My favorite gun to use with aim-bot was the iron sights mosin using 7N1 ammo. Overall I will give the aim-bot an 8.5/10. VISUALS: The next thing I will review are the visuals (Player/Bot ESP). The visuals default settings were pretty good except I usually turned off skeletons which show the bones of the target(s) because I found them distracting. I kept the box and head visuals on to make a nice outline around the player and in many instances see them when I normally wouldn't be able to. More helpful visuals included weapon visual which told me what weapon someone was using allowing me to approach someone in a more strategic way, health visuals which confirmed hits on a target and let me know how injured someone is while engaging, and name which helped me to avoid possible streamers or kill them with grenades making my kill look less suspicious. Overall the visuals earned a 9/10 and worked as intended. ITEMESP: Third, I will review the item-ESP in Argus. Item-ESP helped me find many items like LED-X, containers, sugar, graphics cards, and many other valuables while in raid. The customization of the item-ESP very useful for certain quests like collector, Living High is Not a Crime, and others that required you to find items in raid. For those quests I would usually buy the item I wanted to find off the flea market then go into an offline raid and drop the item to verify that the item is being shown to me. They also offer container-ESP a part of item-ESP that shows you where the locations of containers are as well as what's inside them if they are what you're looking for. This makes looting containers much quicker and efficient, but unfortunately does not work on certain containers like Shturman's stash for example. I found many world spawns I did not know existed because of this cheat, some of which include: Lab. Violet Keycard (6.5M₽) x3, Lab. Red Keycard (50M₽) x1, Lab. Black Keycard x1, and even weird med/food spawns that saved my life on many occasions. There is also a toggle items key that by default is F3 which will turn items off and on so you will not be distracted during the raid. Overall I will give item-ESP a solid 8.5/10, but could be made higher if only relevant containers were shown during the container ESP, i.e., only containers with the loot I was looking for appeared on my screen as well as a toggle for container-ESP without opening the menu. EXPERIMENTAL: The next cheats I will talk about are considered risky by Argus and before turning them on it warns you they are experimental, if you are worried about losing your account I would not turn these on even though I did in fact use them for a month without issue. The riskier cheats include: Infinite-Stamina, Infinite-Oxygen, No-Weapon-Sway, and No-Recoil. I used all of these every raid I went into and they worked as intended. Infinite-Stamina allows your PMC to run and jump as long as you would like, Infinite-Oxygen allows your PMC to hold their breath while taking a shot infinitely, and finally No-Weapon-Sway as well as No-Recoil keeps your shots accurate and paired with aim-bot lasers any target. Argus is still worth the money without these features. Overall this category has earned a 9.5/10 with the only flaw being they are risky. Without that taken into account its a 10/10 for sure. CUSTOMIZATION: This category is very important because the way ESPs and Visuals look can make it easier to find what you are looking for, whether it be a player, an item, or even an extraction the color of them can surprisingly make a difference. The default colors of the various Visuals and ESPs are mostly fine, but if you've used a different cheat software you might have to adjust to what the colors mean in Argus. Argus has very good tools for adjusting the colors and font size of those, but also has a couple of shortcomings. One of these shortcomings is that you cannot change the size of the Visuals which would be nice to adjust depending on user preference. The other shortcoming of Argus' customization is that none of the setting are saved after you close out the cheat software meaning each time you launch it you will have to reselect color preferences, item-ESP preferences, Visual preferences, and whatever aim-bot settings you have set up. This truthfully does not take long at all but would be nice to set up once and only have to tweak it as preferences change down the road. In the Customization category I give Argus a 7.5/10. EASEOFUSE: The final category I will review is the ease of use of Argus. Argus was a menu made of of different tabs with each tab corresponding to a different category of the type of cheat. The tabs were Aim (Aim-bot), Visual(Player/Bot ESP), a Miscellaneous tab(item-ESP), an Experimental tab, and two customization tabs, one for font and the other for colors of the different Visuals and ESPs. Since Argus was sectioned off like this it was very easy to use. After a couple raids I had figured out how to use Argus well enough to destroy almost any competition. The different drop down menus were very easy to use, and after some time you quickly learn where everything so tweaking settings between raids takes up none of the time you could be spending in raid. Argus is very easy to use and if you ever need help someone in the discord is always happy to help. For Ease of use I give Argus a 10/10. Tarkov is a very challenging game. Argus helps lower the level of challenge and allows the player to focus on having fun instead of worrying about if another player is behind them, where in the map they should go, or how to escape from the raid. Argus makes the game more enjoyable and for that reason it has earned a 9/10 as it's overall review. Personally I had loads of fun with Argus and genuinely enjoyed every raid I was in because of it. I would recommend this product to anyone who want to get an edge on others in EFT but not have to worry about getting banned at the same time. If you purchase this product you will not regret it. Thank you for reading my review and good luck in your raids. Below is an image of the Argus Menu
  22. Akainu

    Zero Review

    To start off looking at the price of zero kind of deterred me from buying it, but you do get more than one day, which is fantastic, Recently it has been very difficult to use do to constant updating but that expected. However I am quiet surprised with what comes with this program. The player and item ESP are very customizable, allowing you to change the color of the ID and the bones as well. You can even adjust to your style of esp having lines or just having the ids or even having the bones and lastly of course customizing the distance of what you can see. This is fantastic to use, I love to change all those features. I wish there was a way to save a preset so you don't have to do it every single time you restart the program. Which leads me to one of the major cons of Zero, I know must programs makes you reset the game every few raids because it glitches out or stops working. With zero it happens way to often and is unreliable to succeed with more than one raid. Ive come to a point of realization that after one raid just restart the game and the program to ensure it works every time. which would not be too much of a problem if i were able to keep presets of the program. Its just a convenience hing however. Now the question is would i buy this again for the price that it is offered. Short answer yes, its wonderful when it works and its very clean and simple
  23. Spark on a good day works perfectly with a wonderful UI and easy to use features. I have yet to see it get detected for my self which is excellent. The aim bot is slightly buggy but its not really needed when your using no recoil which works perfectly. the esp is also great to use. only cons are as follows: after a few rounds playing Spark breaks and will not work at all, needs to constantly reset which can be annoying but nothing to serious its expected from a opengl type of esp ( i think) . Some times the ESP works perfectly , but a lot of times you'll get esp artifacts which can and will affect the aim bot. again this is no problem for me, i just use the ESP's and its wonderful for most raids. just have to reset after a few rounds . in conclusion, for the price it is, it works like a charm and im hooked on keeping on using it
  24. sKp

    EFT Zero Review

    Hey Guys, This is my EFT Zero Cheat Review. So I bought the Zero Cheat for EFT for 1 Week and I have to say, I was happy with it! I used the Zero cheat along with the QC Spoofer and the SKY Spoofer and with both it worked perfectly. After 1 Week I'm still not banned. Welp the features are kinda buggy. The Aimbot is not perfectly on point. When I set in on Head its like on the Neck to Chest, when I set it on Neck it was on Chest and if I set it on Chest it was on Stomach and lower body. Some visuals didn't worked aswell, like Bots and players where all shown as Bots, healthbar didn't showed health and Names also didn't showed. For me, its not a big problem those bugs. I'm happy if I know where are Players and NPC's are and the AImbot does his job too. But maybe some other players care more about this. Would buy it more often if it wasn't that expensive, but I can understand it. All in one I was happy with it. A solid 8/10 for this Cheat! Greetings, sKp 😉
  25. I've used this a couple times now and its super easy to use and never fails me. I've found that making your aimbot circle smaller and setting it to your right mouse button and head as the target, will win 99% of your gunfights. Be careful when going on a rain close to daylight or dusk at high graphics. I think it takes a few mins for it to start tracing players and aimbot in those situations. But never the less, it still works. Great way to up your money quick and get through the harder quests.
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