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  1. So i had purchased Deneva for a month, after using stellar for a while and honestly i enjoy the change. It is nice that you guys did not add a Time Changer, or any unnecessary features that could make this tool more easily detectable. I know some people were talking about the price but i believe that you should leave it where it is, because i feel like it will make it less common and if people really want it they will pay for the service as you even offer it at a various time and for a different rate which i also believe is fair. Pros: Can see Most items and they all read accurately (going to leave a part of a con with this as well) but all in all happy with it! You can toggle things like grenades, dead bodies and other things to your liking and i enjoy that. Distance and everything works like it should, i do agree that sometimes the hitbox for some of the bones can be a little off still good. Cons: Noticed like some other members said in discord that Labs keycards (Red, Blue, Etc.), dont show up on the loot filter. (didnt think to take a picture for proof) *At first the time it took too load raid. I also think the initial start key for one of the features should be changed from F1 to F5 just incase people like to mumble in game and dont want to accidentally do something they didnt mean to do. even though you offer the ability to change it if you arent paying attention it could get someone on accident. I have been using it for 10+ days and have had no issues, have had alot of fun using it. * - Has been addressed
  2. Ok, so I stumbled upon this forum on a complete whim, I kept coming back but never purchased anything because i didnt want to take the risk at first... But i got sick of being hacked against and the old saying goes "If you cant beat them, join them." So i took a chance and bought Stellar and Skyspoofer for 1 week each at 115 or so in bitcoin. after the first week i want to say im impressed. No ban and havent had any issues with either of my products. Was really skeptical at first but to me seeing is believing and if you are thinking of spending the money on the first chance like i did, do it! Menu is easy to use, the only downside i think is the loot filter but other than that definitely worth it. As i know i run the risk of eventually maybe being banned that comes with the risk of using an exploit.
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