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  1. First, let me tell you about this game. I would never get bored of this. The amount of fun it brings is outstanding for being just a simple game made on Unity. Not only a game you can play alone, but also with your friends. Now, playing this game can get better, and I can tell you the secret. Have you ever been playing in this game and wondered, "hmmm, what if I could just fly?" Well, you can. It is 8 dollars for 24 hours of fun. Now, when I buy cheats I like to rate them based off of use. In R6 I will generally get 8-10 hours of use out of a 24 hour key. So I am using a good portion, and it is only 15 dollars. I would say that 1.50 per hour to rank up, and just own kids is totally worth it. Now, bring 8 dollars for 24 hours. I spent 12 hours on this game today and I have never had this much fun. For only 66 cents an hour, I could not recommend anything else. Game Quality: 9/10 (doesn't get boring especially with friends.) Cheats: 8/10 (glitchy sometimes and cannot guarantee team wins but other than that never laughed as much in 12 hours.) Fun: 10/10
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