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  1. After 1 month playing rust with ares i think i'm well placed to guive you some tips with this cheat : -Try to use the aimbot only while playing bow or crossbow -When using aimbot dont forget to switch position (crouch/stand) to not aim only the head and looks legit -The aimbot isnt working while u are in boat, horse, copter AND cargo too!! -Aimbot works on oil rig -Ignore sleepers can help you with the aimbot when its aiming sleepers After 1 month and after trying Diesel and Ares, I thought ares a way better because it aint makes drop your fps, also it's pretty comfortable and the aimbot isn't so bad like it's not shaky or buggy. In my mind, you should try it with a dayly key to make your own opinion but dont forget that u also get an excellent spoofer with it. So dont wait and take your key!!
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