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  1. The sky staff and technical support is the best ever!! They have went above and beyond any and every time I’ve needed help! They handle any situation I’ve ever encountered in an extremely fast manner! The staff is always willing to go above and beyond to handle whatever issue I’ve had. There’s been times it’s taken hours and they never give up! Their customer service skills are second to none and they always have the best attitude towards whatever I bring to them. I never have to wait long periods for responses or requests. I’ve never been left without a solution! I’m not the most computer literate person, and they always have patience with me! They are my favorite people to deal with when it comes to their customer service! I would rather buy from people like this online than I would an in person experience at most stores! I refuse to ever use a different company as long as sky is here to help!!!

  2. I have used almost every Warzone product they offer. And I have had to depend on customer service more than a few of those times as I’m not the best with computers! I can say that the customer service these guys provide is some of the best I’ve ever dealt with period!!! Better than most retail stores you’ll go in! One time in particular I was having issues and these administrators and mods literally spent hours in my pc helping me and even finished the next afternoon when I got home until they got it figured out! Never once did they act frustrated or aggravated! I personally will use this company no matter what simply for the fact I know I can count on them to help me no matter what! Not to mention every product I’ve tried was super easy to use and worked just as advertised!

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