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  1. I have been using Dash for over 8 months with no issues. The couple times I had problems loading it, support had me up and running within 15mins. Most of the time it was because of windows updates. They had given me free products for reviews and flash promotions. The only people who complain are the ones who dont follow directions. Definitely worth every penny!
  2. So I recently spent the money for a month purchase for the Devgru and let me tell you it was the easiest month ever! No issues and every time the product was updated there was a fast turnaround. Stop buying day codes and buy the month. Its worth it
  3. Ive used another company for a while and started having problems with my game crashing. I noticed the price difference and how they are trash compared to sky!!! Dont hesitate to try a day pass if you dont believe me!!! Its worth every penny
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