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  1. Kindred

    Sky review

    Hello, so to everyone out there that's been wondering about this website, if its trusted or not, worth it or not etc... ive been a customer and member of this community ffor a while now almost 4 years and to be honest their products have never ever been a disappointment, some might say thats what everyone says but believe me when i say their services are absolutely the best. they provide: 1-they guide you and help you with the product u bought unlike other sites that just take ur money and not care at all 2-good service 3-safe products 4-good products update 5-24/7 support that ACTUALLY RESPONDS they have various payment methods which makes it easier for customers to access and saves the headaches. they always strive to get more products in and always aim to be the best of the best which is a very good quality that i personally respect. i tried apex/pubg/valorant products that they offer and didnt get disappointed once by their services. will always be a member here because of the various good stuff they got. thank you
  2. omega is safe compared to others because of the FoW mechanic where it doesnt show enemies unless they are close or make sounds which makes it harder to detect u. sucks to have the aimbot off but using omega is basically like having an advantage over other players which is always a good thing. have been using it for a while now and no bans yet. still climbing the ladder ^-^ skycheats team is amazing in terms of response and service wise, top notch. +++ rep
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