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  1. Yet again skycheats doesnt miss a beat with this cheat. They came out with it in a super quick time and the cheat is seamless. Zeta will always be the best in the business and if you dont use zeta.... well you should!
  2. taternbeens


    I came to sky cheats a little over a year ago and allbeit I was nervous and somewhat skeptical but its safe to say skycheats has taken care of every issue I've came across wether it be a cheese not injecting correctly or questions about a cheese or really any questions you might have. The community they have created is one of the best I am a part of and I would reccommend it to anyone who is questioning joining the group. The moderators are fast at solving the problems you might be having and will do their best to fix the issue. I recommend 1000% you should come join us.
  3. To be straight I didn't expect this to work and was very skeptical about it. I have it a try and this thing will save you so much headache, time wasted and money spent. Don't learn the hard way and get a main account banned. Check if your cheat has a spoofer and if it doesn't buy this spoofer. Or for that matter any spoofer. Make sure to cover your tracks and avoids any type of ban. You won't regret being safe but if you get banned you'll wish you did buy one.
  4. Lego for splitgate was more than what i expected. I was honestly suprised at how well this hack was put together. Everything went smoothly and it all helped me gain a major advantage over the other players. It was a blast to use and can say that if you have troubles with the portals and knowing where enemies are. Try this hack out and i guarantee you won't regret it. This made my game imensely more enjoyable and i overall had a pleasant experience. I will be buying again!!
  5. taternbeens

    Oracle EFT

    I was skeptical of hacking in EFT but once I played the game I knew if I wanted to have a major advantage I was going to. You can't go wrong with choosing oracle. It's UI is a simple clean design. I didn't need a spoofer amd I've never been banned. I wouldn't personally rage hack and aimbot everyone but the walls and loot walls are some of the best out there. I recommend oracle for anyone wanting to try it out.
  6. If you really want to make dayz interesting again. Buy this and make your time playing so much easier. i played for 8 hours and it was actually fun. I wasnt scared out of my mind trying to find loot. This makes it 20x more fun and more encourging to play. I highly reccomend it!
  7. Zeta for cold war is a very solid cheat, it has the capabilities to make your aim as realistic as possible. Ive tried multiple other clients for CW and none can compare to zeta. My time playing has shown me that skycheats knows exactly what they are doing and I back them 100%. You can't go wrong with any of there clients on any game and the customer sevice is the best in the business. Not to mention the steps they give you to follow is about as simple as it gets.
  8. Coming from intel I wasnt sure what cheese to use. I was directed to zeta and figured I'd give it a try. Hands down zeta will be the best cheese you can buy for the money. The setup is seemless and easy, straight foward and comes with a built in spoofer. I use mostly walls and no recoil but ive played around with the aimhack and if you set it up right it can be a deadly advantage to have, while also being hard to detect. I reccomend zeta and i back whoever uses it.
  9. Sion for apex legends is all around the perfect cheese for already good players, who just want to add a little extra advantage to their game. the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. It is one of the most straight foward cheats that you can get. I have never gotten banned whne using Sion. I personally believe it would be very hard to get banned if you use this cheese. As long as you arent blatant with it. Like tracking through walls, you will be set for having a blast on Apex!!
  10. This cheat is by far the most advanced aimbot ive ever used. The tracking and predictions on blade is like no other cheat ive used. If you have troubles with other cheats not tracking or locking on then give blade a try. I promise you will not be dissapointed and i stand by this cheat .
  11. taternbeens


    I have used alot of different cheats and alot of the others dont include a self spoofer, but devgru is by far my most favorite cheat. The aimbot isnt the best but it is the easiest to hide I would highly recommend using devgru fro warzone. Ihave never been shadow banned or perma banned while using this cheat, but then again i wasnt blatently using it. I still reccomend using devgru it gets a 10/10 from me.
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