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  1. average

    Rust Ares

    I used it for a couple of days and had a great time with it. the bow aimbot is so good along with the other weapons was killing full kits with just a bow and making clans rage I would kill huge clans and hand out the loot to any nakeds passing by who needed it. I wasn't to blatant so I didn't get banned until a couple days and I was also using a 1k hour account. I never got banned from any server while playing only a couple ppl reported me when I got banned I checked the twitter and I only had 5 reports from playing for 3 days with it 10/10 should buy if looking for something fun and enjoyable.
  2. idk if its still a thing but it was fun when they had it great aimbot great ESP had alot of fun with and made alot of tryhards mad lol
  3. average

    Rust Ares

    Most fun i had in rust ever i have over 3k legit hours in the game and got board of it but with cheats i was running around with a bow and killing ak kids lol si much fun 10/10
  4. average

    Pubg Maria

    Great cheat amazing sniper prediction had so much fun snipeing kids from 400m plus and still not getting banned i was trying to get banned by the end of the day and im still not banned so 10/10 on the cheat loved it
  5. average

    Apex Python

    Had so much fun with it got banned a couple of time before they HWID me but i was rage hacking dropping 30kills and shit i got 5 games in per account "while rage hacking" which is really good especially for apex i used prob 20 accounts before HWID ban did come with spoofer but didn't work for me at the time it did say he might not work was in beta or something but i had a blast with apex is so fun to cheat in highly recamend just don't rage unless u don't care about ban. aimbot was insane good to didn't lock thru walls esp was really good saw from about 700m plus lazered ppl from 300m plus sniping was great with it it was a really fun 8 hours of gaming and cheating first time having fun on apex lol. but 100/10 try it out plus price is good
  6. average

    Silver Spoofer

    i bought and then the new version was released over night and i asked for staff for the new and they gave it to me a couple mins before it was released and also gave me a new code for it bought it for fortnite and worked great made a new account and played with no problems 10/10 on the spoofer and awesome staff support
  7. average

    Pubg pak kool

    Best legit cheating cheat ive used been useing the no recoil and the player color and its been great helped me with my aim alot and i have played 300 hours using it still not banned great cheat and and great price 10/10
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