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  1. Many are asking me what cheese do I use. My answer, it's ZETA. It's for the simple reason that it is the best. I have tried other cheese but only ZETA made me stay so much. Aim settings is accurate. ESP and active radar are super good. Plus, the built in spoofer is one of the best features you would see on a cheese. So if you're looking for the best cheese, I'm telling you as early as now. ZETA is the one and only cheese you would want to use!
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    Having used a different software before, it felt that it still lacks something so I started trying out other stuff. But I always end up going back to Zeta just because of how it works. It's easy to setup, works accurately as advertised. The update time is so freaking fast too. It also has a spoofer built to it. I'd say the best that I have used so far. Plus the support from the devs doesn't disappoint. Kudos!
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