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  1. I have been using Dash and its many variations for around 4 months. It's simple, it's fast, and it passes the eye test with flying colors. My settings: I never put on no recoil, it's an easy way to get reported. I use 4 smoothing, and I only show bones and distance. When using the ESP, I keep it at around 300-315. Also, make sure you checkmark the option of not to follow people through walls, or else you will be given away. My recommendation is when ever you are being spectated, turn the aim bot off. THE BETTER YOUR REAL AIM, THE BETTER YOU LOOK. So maybe practice to play for real. Know how to slide cancel, etc... This is how you look legit. By far imo, Dash is one of the smoothest most easy to use cheats. Before you use any cheat, you need to know how the cheat works/get more experience or you will be signing up for an account ban. Know how to create the perfect settings for you. If you look like an absolute bot with 17 kills you are definitely cheating. So get better so you look more efficient.
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