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  1. Argus is a well-made cheat for the game Escape From Tarkov. Although the price is higher than the other cheats offered for Tarkov it is well worth. I was able to go into raid after raid for a month without my account being banned. Throughout that time it had virtually no outages and was even updated with more features that let you filter item-ESP by price, which is a very useful tool. The support given by Skycheats staff also helped me answer any question I had about Argus as well as resolve any issue I came across. AIMBOT : I will now review some of the features Argus had. Argus aim-bot worked really well, but best with certain guns and scopes. I noticed some scopes would lock onto the chest instead of head while using the aim-bot which usually lasered the target anyway. Typically the best sights to use for this were iron sights but some scopes like the Cobra EKP-8-18 reflex sight also worked really well. My favorite gun to use with aim-bot was the iron sights mosin using 7N1 ammo. Overall I will give the aim-bot an 8.5/10. VISUALS: The next thing I will review are the visuals (Player/Bot ESP). The visuals default settings were pretty good except I usually turned off skeletons which show the bones of the target(s) because I found them distracting. I kept the box and head visuals on to make a nice outline around the player and in many instances see them when I normally wouldn't be able to. More helpful visuals included weapon visual which told me what weapon someone was using allowing me to approach someone in a more strategic way, health visuals which confirmed hits on a target and let me know how injured someone is while engaging, and name which helped me to avoid possible streamers or kill them with grenades making my kill look less suspicious. Overall the visuals earned a 9/10 and worked as intended. ITEMESP: Third, I will review the item-ESP in Argus. Item-ESP helped me find many items like LED-X, containers, sugar, graphics cards, and many other valuables while in raid. The customization of the item-ESP very useful for certain quests like collector, Living High is Not a Crime, and others that required you to find items in raid. For those quests I would usually buy the item I wanted to find off the flea market then go into an offline raid and drop the item to verify that the item is being shown to me. They also offer container-ESP a part of item-ESP that shows you where the locations of containers are as well as what's inside them if they are what you're looking for. This makes looting containers much quicker and efficient, but unfortunately does not work on certain containers like Shturman's stash for example. I found many world spawns I did not know existed because of this cheat, some of which include: Lab. Violet Keycard (6.5M₽) x3, Lab. Red Keycard (50M₽) x1, Lab. Black Keycard x1, and even weird med/food spawns that saved my life on many occasions. There is also a toggle items key that by default is F3 which will turn items off and on so you will not be distracted during the raid. Overall I will give item-ESP a solid 8.5/10, but could be made higher if only relevant containers were shown during the container ESP, i.e., only containers with the loot I was looking for appeared on my screen as well as a toggle for container-ESP without opening the menu. EXPERIMENTAL: The next cheats I will talk about are considered risky by Argus and before turning them on it warns you they are experimental, if you are worried about losing your account I would not turn these on even though I did in fact use them for a month without issue. The riskier cheats include: Infinite-Stamina, Infinite-Oxygen, No-Weapon-Sway, and No-Recoil. I used all of these every raid I went into and they worked as intended. Infinite-Stamina allows your PMC to run and jump as long as you would like, Infinite-Oxygen allows your PMC to hold their breath while taking a shot infinitely, and finally No-Weapon-Sway as well as No-Recoil keeps your shots accurate and paired with aim-bot lasers any target. Argus is still worth the money without these features. Overall this category has earned a 9.5/10 with the only flaw being they are risky. Without that taken into account its a 10/10 for sure. CUSTOMIZATION: This category is very important because the way ESPs and Visuals look can make it easier to find what you are looking for, whether it be a player, an item, or even an extraction the color of them can surprisingly make a difference. The default colors of the various Visuals and ESPs are mostly fine, but if you've used a different cheat software you might have to adjust to what the colors mean in Argus. Argus has very good tools for adjusting the colors and font size of those, but also has a couple of shortcomings. One of these shortcomings is that you cannot change the size of the Visuals which would be nice to adjust depending on user preference. The other shortcoming of Argus' customization is that none of the setting are saved after you close out the cheat software meaning each time you launch it you will have to reselect color preferences, item-ESP preferences, Visual preferences, and whatever aim-bot settings you have set up. This truthfully does not take long at all but would be nice to set up once and only have to tweak it as preferences change down the road. In the Customization category I give Argus a 7.5/10. EASEOFUSE: The final category I will review is the ease of use of Argus. Argus was a menu made of of different tabs with each tab corresponding to a different category of the type of cheat. The tabs were Aim (Aim-bot), Visual(Player/Bot ESP), a Miscellaneous tab(item-ESP), an Experimental tab, and two customization tabs, one for font and the other for colors of the different Visuals and ESPs. Since Argus was sectioned off like this it was very easy to use. After a couple raids I had figured out how to use Argus well enough to destroy almost any competition. The different drop down menus were very easy to use, and after some time you quickly learn where everything so tweaking settings between raids takes up none of the time you could be spending in raid. Argus is very easy to use and if you ever need help someone in the discord is always happy to help. For Ease of use I give Argus a 10/10. Tarkov is a very challenging game. Argus helps lower the level of challenge and allows the player to focus on having fun instead of worrying about if another player is behind them, where in the map they should go, or how to escape from the raid. Argus makes the game more enjoyable and for that reason it has earned a 9/10 as it's overall review. Personally I had loads of fun with Argus and genuinely enjoyed every raid I was in because of it. I would recommend this product to anyone who want to get an edge on others in EFT but not have to worry about getting banned at the same time. If you purchase this product you will not regret it. Thank you for reading my review and good luck in your raids. Below is an image of the Argus Menu
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