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  1. Usability When I look for cheats I look for obviously the ones that haven't been detected in some time, but I also look for the ones I can see the developers have put time into. Midnight is the cleanest Apex cheat I've seen to date. I didn't have to reference the manual one time when using the cheats, as everything is explained but I do recommend referencing the manual if you're new to setting up the programs. Overall, the usability of the cheat is a solid 9/10. Aimbot Lets be real for a second, we all love to go rage mode sometimes and just absolutely obliterate everything we come in contact with, but (thankfully) midnight makes that more difficult than it should be, to prevent accidents for the newcomers. The aimbot comes with a smooth rate setting, a smooth rate at distance, prediction, and a whole slew of other things. The only bad thing is you cannot set a custom keybind for the aimbot, and the choices they have are slim but MB1 always works. For legit aiming like a pro, Midnight is the way to go. Overall the aimbot I give a 9.5/10. E.S.P The best I've seen, anywhere. Your teammates glow, you can set boxes around the enemy, you can set the boxes to only show when visible, you can make the enemy simply glow, there are so many options, I can't sit here and type everything about it out. Seriously, the best I've seen. Overall the ESP I give a 10/10. Overall -> 9.5/10
  2. Transported

    Oracle EFT

    Amazing budget tool. Currently with the 12.9 wipe I am level 28, 62% SR with an 8.23 KD. No issues, 30M Stash value and climbing. I could have Kappa container already but I decided to go for rubles early wipe considering I've upgraded to EOD recently. I've used Redemption as well, and as you may know I posted a review there saying cheap software gets cheap results, but I find that not to be true with Oracle. I really didn't expect Oracle to run this well and be updated so often, so big Kudos to the developers there. If you're looking for a tester to get a feel for the waters, I'd give Oracle a go. Also feel free to use the discord for help regarding the tool, as you may run into some sticky options.
  3. Wow. Summed up that is all I can say. This software has been amazing for 60+ days strong, people getting to Kappa within a day, amazing layout and an amazing tool overall. Cheap software gets you cheap results, Redemption is the way to go.
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