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  1. So i normally dont do this because i know these types of cheats are never gonna really add new features since it is already making them money regardless. But i guess here goes nothing. Dash First, the ratings. Aimbot: 6/10 ESP: 7/10 Menu: 3/10 So first is the aimbot, the aimbot does it job, locking on using dedicated key on the menu. Unfortunately there is only 3 options instead of being able to bind it to any key you want. The aimbot automatically switches target closest to FOV. Regardless of distance (so if you have 500m of esp, you will aim at the person at 500m if that means he is closest to the center of your FOV). This is why i recommend a low FOV and ESP distance rendering to look more "legit". Dynamic aim just seems to aim at the chest level. Even if the only thing peeking is his head. Unrealistic, might as well stick to head. Improvements: Have visibility checks also work for aimbots. So, if they are not in your line of sight, don't aim at them. So if you lock onto someone and spray them and they jump behind a wall, your crosshair doesnt follow them through out the structure. Make an option to not auto switch targets and have a more accurate target acquisition. Then comes the ESP. ESP is actually not bad, since it is external (does NOT show on stream/discord sharing) the ESP seems lag behind the target slightly in some cases. Also, sometimes the box is in the air above the target instead of following the character model. Which is understandable because it is external once again. There is no ESP for weapons, Boxes, or health. Improvements: Should have an option to only show visible. So if they are not in your line of sight, you don't see any ESP of them. Have more ESP options. Not just the ones mentioned above but also a way to color the model, instead of bone. Like making the character model stand out more. Since some do blend in with the foliage or buildings. It will promote more legit game sense than just knowing that someone is around the corner. An example being CSGO cheats. Menu. This is probably the minimalist menu i have seen. You get what you see. There is no easier way of putting it. The good thing is that you can change the menu color? i guess? but 90% of the time it is just gonna be in hidden due to settings not needing to be changed after the first 20 seconds of logging on. Improvements: Add a better menu. More added options and features to support what was discussed above. This is easy money but with a little more effort into it, you will sell more. Devgru Aimbot: 8/10 ESP: 9/10 Menu: 7/10 Aimbot: The aimbot is good, probably better than the others IMO. You have 4 different options for aiming area. Customizable key for aim key. Can ignore downs or not. Improvements: Have a legit dynamic aiming so that it looks more legit, if you have all headshots, you will be banned. I can't tell if there is movement predictions or sniper (bullet velocity) prediction included. But to my knowledge it isn't. Please add this. ESP: ESP is great, has all the features that everyone else has and more. Has ESP for weapons, ammo, boxes, anything you can think of. Filter option for all the ESP. Can show enemy ESP when in line of site only (promoting legit gameplay). Radar is god-like. You legit see the whole map and it uses the in-game map also, making it not a guessing game of distance and location. Improvements: Make the filters a bit better. In terms of being able to define what you want shown. I don't want every uncommon thing to show, i just want cash and body armor. Or i don't want to know where every ammo is shown, but i would like i know where i can get ammo i need/currently low on. Menu: Probably the best menu out there. The background is subtle. Very user friendly. Improvements: Adding options mentioned above and maybe a custom tab for custom everything. Custom key for panic (closing cheat), toggle on ESP/radar, toggle on the menu, etc. Azur Aimbot: 0/10 ESP: 3/10 Menu: 4/10 AImbot: Was not working when i bought the cheat. It was not locking onto targets. The options and customization for the aimbot is there. For the smoothing of it, 4 options on where to aim, sniper/movement prediction etc. Improvements: Making it actually work. ESP: ESP is working. has an option for weapons but i never really got to see it working. There are a couple things wrong with it because there will be some enemies without a box/bone ESP on them. Making it very inaccurate. Improvements: improve the ESP in general. Make it so those stragglers arent able to roam around without a box, making them be able to kill you. Adding a better ESP to make the character model stand out instead of bone. Menu: Menu is minimal, can custom the theme of it. Improvement: Should look into a better menu style. It seems to bunch up and you get lost in the sauce from the way it is structured. Maybe with the sliders to adjust, maybe we can input values ourselves.
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