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  1. SAP

    R6S Oracle Cheat

    I've been using this specific cheat for awhile now and its def my fav cheat on skycheats. Anytime i get a chance to recommend a cheat i always go for this cheat since its been working amazingly for me and will for you aswell. The menu for oracle (r6s) is very well made and works like a charm, its really easy to understand and there are lots of fun stuff to be used in game so i really recommend this one👍 Its not just this specific cheat, i've used other cheats like orion for apex legends which is amazing aswell and i've never had a problem with any of them, simply cos i've been following the manuals that are very well made. Then there's the community which is just amazing and if you haven't joined the discord you're absolutely missing out on great stuff like advice from many different ppl and just some good and fun conversations 🙂 ❤️
  2. SAP

    cheat for r6s

    Its good
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